Zimbalam And Emergenza Close Together

The live concert industry and the digital industry come together in the search for new talent. Only 4 months after the international launch Zimbalam, the leading digital Musikaggregator has signed its first pan-European partnership. From now on you will cooperate with the Emerganza Music Festival. This move underscores Zimbalam’s image as the discoverer of talents at the international level. The Emergenza Festival, which takes place worldwide in over 25 countries on 3 continents, discovered annually the best emerging artists of all musical genres. The live concert industry and the digital industry come together in the search for new talents… Emergenza is the world’s largest music competition, which every year brings together more than 100,000 artists from 25 different countries since 1992.

Last year was the Festival in 51 cities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia across the stage. For the contest in the 2009/10 year Emergenza increases the number of his concerts in Germany to nearly 200 in a total of 22 cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt,…). Each Band receives 30 minutes of time for their show, and the audience will select the best band, who then qualified for later rounds. On the other stages of the regional and national finals, a professional jury will select the winners. Zimbalam offers free digital releases the 500 regional finalists from around the world! The first 150 get the possibility to distribute an album through Zimbalam free digitally, the remaining 350 will have the opportunity to release a single, digitally. The whole thing with a share of 90% of net sales.

Zimbalam will offer another exclusive award for the 4 national winners from France, Italy, Germany, and Scandinavia. This price also includes a Web promotion for the album and videos in addition to a free digital release. And the winner is exclusive price exclusively for Zimbalam artists! Zimbalam offers, at a special price by its parent company believe digital. Under the 18 Emergenza world Finalisten, who play on the Taubertal open air and their music through Zimbalam distribute, a band as “Zimbalam Act of the year” is chosen by a jury of Emergenza and Zimbalam experts: your deal is a digital distribution deal with believe digital high rated, which includes a free, Europe-wide web promotion worth 10,000 euros! “” We look forward to partnering with the Emergenza Festival and the possibility of using the experience and expertise of believe digital can support a Zimbalam artist “Says Thorsten Freese (CEO, Zimbalam Germany).”On the one hand, the respective artists will have the opportunity to perform final part of Emergenza. In addition the Act benefits from believe Digital’s knowledge in the areas of promotion and marketing, which has supported us in the past two years already, to place artists such as ARON, Soko and Lucian at the top of the European charts.”www.zimbalam.de contact: 247 public relations Torsten Mewes 040-675 822 77

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