Water Treatment For Your Swimming Pool Or

Chlorine-free pools, bathing ponds algae free – clean water … a wish today is realized by the natural water stimulation with the SAPHIR pool Activator The new standard in natural water treatment for swimming pools and swimming ponds. Even long before the modern pharmaceutical industry has taken dominance, dealt successfully with the humanity of the healing power of natural substances. Besides herbs and essences, and especially silver copper played a major role. Much of this knowledge has been lost. Some of it today, has again entered a science-based Renaissance. With its innovative, proprietary process utilizes the Sapphire Pool Activator completely new standards in water quality and health … # # # WartungsfreiheitDie processing : # # do not use hazardous chemicals, no risk by externally induced changes # Economical use of water by forgoing # No chemical additives Addition of Oxidierungsmitteln required # Minimum # no control of water levelsReadjustment of the cleaning system # Automatic safety swim at any time in trinkwassersauberem, clear and healthy water to be able to SAPHIR – water treatment, water treatment and water recovery in a natural way – the future becomes a reality!.

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