Tsvetotip Winter

Winter tsvetotipa representatives to determine the easiest. In humans, this type immediately struck by the contrast between skin color and hair. Most often, they have a very bright person, like porcelain, and, perhaps, with a bluish tint, and, as hair – burning black, dark ash or dark brown, dark brown, although there are also some platinum blonde. Nature rarely gives representatives of the winter dark skin. But to rank them for the winter tsvetotipu it allows cool gray, but not warm brown hair.

Especially give these people's eyes. They may have a different color: dark brown, green, dark blue, gray, black. However, it is always a clear view, which has taken additional brightness and contrast due to bright nezatumanennyh proteins. His lips were representatives of this trend bright with a bluish tint, and often dark eyebrows. Holders of a winter appearance, in spite of their apparently cool trend, suitable for both color and cold some shades of warm colors (except brown and yellow-green). The main thing – it must be distinct and vivid saturated colors (often caustic), but not pastel.

Perhaps this is only tsvetotip, which ideally are pure white and pure black. It should also pay attention to burgundy, ruby, purple, dark purple, emerald green hues, and even caustic pink. If we talk about accessories, the cool sheen of silver and other white metals, as well as cool white pearl is better combined with the cold of winter, than yellow gold. Suitable fabrics for clothing are leather, satin, jersey, and any other shiny and smooth materials. Welcome to big picture. In winter, nature throws off the multicolored and variegated fall, plunging into the calm and majestic black and white silence. On the face of a lack of colors, their distinct contrast. And this contrast appears much brighter than in any other season. Winter – the energy of peace, privacy and peace. Winter, like a night star: bright, cold, silent, motionless, solitary, quiet, clear, majestic, simple and sophisticated at the same time, clearly contrasting with a darker sky. Winter – a symbol of balance. Winter – it is: an oval shape clear lines of masculine and feminine at the same time dark cool colors mean tissue density of high contrast, single-color medium size classic accessories

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