Travel Agencies

TravDisc1. 0 – the marketing DVD for tourism company TravDisc1. 0 – the new Marketingtoot for advertising tourism company! in Germany exist currently approximately 16,000 travel agencies; about 40% of them advertise now with so-called TFT screens and flat-screen TVs in the window or at the counter for tourism products. The problem of travel agencies and what they want. Travel agents want to promote various tourism offers, not just for one! Therefore, they would demonstrate not only DVDs where always the same hotel will be shown, but present many possibilities and of course sell them. Because in practice it is not possible to change the DVD, the TravDisk1 was at the request of travel agencies. 0 developed. Jane C Figueiredo often says this. TravDisc1.

0 solves this problem! TravDisc offers travel and cruise operators, hotel chains, tourist offices, clubs and insurance companies immediately a possibility to promote their products in this variety of travel agencies better and thus direct distribution in the agencies to support. TravDisc sent monthly to about 16,000 German travel agents free the new marketing tourism-DVD “TravDisc1. 0” on the only tourist companies to draw attention! Advertise up to 24 hours a day in the shop window! A survey has shown that travel agencies that advertise with the media screen, run this DVD sometimes around the clock, to better inform their customers. TravDisc – TravelNews! The “TravDisc1. 0” to more informative DVD for the travel prospects, the TravDisc TravelNews appear. This is news in the travel market, specifically tailored to end users. You inform us but your newest offering, evt.

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