TK Free Domain

Both savings and how much advantage we could gain by providing free key domains under the primary domain point TK?. This brief article is an opinion on this simple question and poses a possible solution to this problem. First begin by explaining briefly what the point TK free domain and then make a few questions about it or not we should place our image of the business or website under this domain and its inherent implications. The TK domain point comes from a remote territory of New Zealand located in the south pacific called Tokelau, which decided to place their domains for free for small businesses and individuals. In addition to offering this service free, we also offer other services such as reducing domain names and sub-domains in small compounds 5-letter names to be used and provide the ship with Twitter. But yes, we would save both our website will be assigned this point tk domain? The truth would be worth using in our SEO strategies and E-marketing? At first it was used for spam and scams practices what he did to lose the confidence of Internet users on this domain, but over the years, this side effect was corrected and charges of fraud and spam declined and today practices are also days of deceit and spam with domains known as the dot-com, the dot net and sometimes even with the dot org. In my point of view I do not consider SEO strategies and e-marketing with this domain if I can do with the dot-com domains or new domains so many who have left, which I best describe my business online or physical. If I have a site whose domain is TK point I not only take away benefits they convey distrust positioning in the market and this would lose revenue opportunities and website conversion to me that would not justify the price and / or costs that entail..

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