Tips For Caring For A Rug Persian

The great challenge of decoration is to combine functionality with aesthetics. And one of the accessories which best meet these characteristics are Persian rugs, traditionally admired for the elegance of its colors and designs. Precisely because of the sophistication, these fittings require special care to ensure that they have a long time deduracion. Because they have such resistance that can pass from generation to generation with the same quality, of course, that you following the basic guidelines of maintenance.It is not only immediately clean the carpet with a paper towel when liquid has spilled, but perform periodic untratamiento of conservation both on the outside and in the dorsal.The most advisable to prolong the life of a Persian rug is placed underneath a mat that protects it from dirt and wrinkles, as well as allowing him breathing hard contact with the ground.Likewise, there to brush him (forward and back) to remove build-up dust and avoid the nests of moths. That Yes, in direction of the bristles to not cause landslides that eventually form gaps or unevenness on its surface.Since the constant transit weakens the texture, should be rotated at least every six months, preferably at places where sunlight does not reach the carpet in place. And if we are not going to be used in a long time, it must be wrapped like a cylinder, cover it with a light weight paper and store it in a cool and dry place. Original author and source of the article

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