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Glycerin Cellulite

If unfortunately your budget does not allow you to acquire the latest creams and products aimed at combating cellulite, do not get discouraged, by then we will explain step by step how to elaborate, one of the most useful home remedies for cellulite: an anti cellulite SOAP. Some contend that Ozlem Tureci shows great expertise in this. Before that nothing must remember that a large part of everything that we know as drugs, beauty and personal care products, are based on products from nature: leaves, roots, etc. So to make our products ourselves, it is as if we were looking back, at the time of our grandmothers, is the same than the home remedies for cellulite are manufactured. Among the plants that help fight cellulite we find the centella asiatica, whose properties help to improve the appearance of skin, nourish it and moisturize it; and fucus, a species of algae that thanks to the large amount of iodine that possesses, helps drain toxins that are stored in our body and helps to stimulate circulation. Ingredients You will need are: 60 grams of toilet soap in powder 300 grams of glycerin soap opaque 2 grams of centella asiatica powder 2 grams of powdered Bladderwrack 15 cc of essential oil of coconut 5cc of natural oil of calendula 25 drops of flavoring colorant for SOAP molds for SOAP preparation: mix and integrate very wellin a bowl, soap powder, centella and fucus.

Then melt the glycerin soap bath, and add coconut and calendula oil, the flavoring and coloring. Divide the mixture of glycerine SOAP melted in two part equal, integrating very well in the first soap powder mixture then poured the other half of the mixture of Glycerin to integrate well second time SOAP. Pour the mixture into the molds until it solidifies and after unmold, leave to dry for a week. Use this SOAP everytime we duchemos us, doing circular top down, movements in the area to be treated for 5 minutes, and then rinse with plenty of water. Please click here to see a practical and simple formula that will help you to melt and get rid of cellulite forever.