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Infection And Healing

All the decorative items are selected so that they do not have sharp edges, spikes, notches. One should also keep with the other invasive species that can inflict wounds – in the aquatic environment, they long to heal and lead to infection. Undesirable and the neighborhood of some species of molluscs (the lawn, pond, etc.), since they are carriers parasitic worms. Violation of the rules of nursing – one of the causes of diseases. If excessive nutrition obesity occurs, the fish become inactive, fat is stored in the internal organs, disrupting their normal functions. Developing infertility, the metabolism, which may lead to the loss of pets. Prevention – a moderate and varied diet, "hungry days" once a week.

Special mention should be wary of inflammatory digestive tract fish, which is a direct consequence of the use of poor-quality food: the dead and stale cyclops, daphnia, bloodworms, spoiled dry food, etc. Symptoms: inflammation of the anus, the selection of the mucous feces – they go a long thread. Because of the swelling belly gases fish float up involuntarily. They are inert and poorly responsive to external stimuli. Prevention: regular feeding, regular cleaning aquarium and planned, or if necessary, replacement of water.

If time does not remove food debris, decaying food will absorb a lot of oxygen, and reducing its quantity in the water would cause suffocation of fish. Anoxia may occur in a crowded aquarium, as well as the presence of a large number of rotting plants. Important means of preventing many diseases are carefully and accurately in the procurement of food. Can not get it into reservoirs, where there are mass deaths of fish or there is evidence of her infection. choices. Do not even hesitate in benign food, put it on for 2-3 days in a flowing or frequently replace water. It does not hurt. Some experts suggest, and this precaution – svezheotlovlennuyu catch hold in a weak solution tripaflavine. Dangerous food from sewers: it often contains toxic chemicals which accumulate in the muscles of annelid worms and insect larvae. Remember – with a useful fall plankton and prey species of organisms (eg, stilonihiya larvae karpoeda), which cause the death of the larvae and fry. With careful regard to health your pet will be out of danger. And the advice to the doctor will have to go, of course, only in emergencies. Perhaps, our recommendations will serve you in the practice – if the wards were suffering from parasites.