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Being overweight is not something that you may have overlooked, is a progressive problem that is already damaging your health and can unfortunately put an end to your life. Fortunately in Monterrey is the solution to this problem and is called: Obesity surgery. Obesity surgery has been pointed as bad for your health but you should know that all these comments are based on taboos that have been disappearing with the passing of time. It has been proven that is much more harmful overweight that perform obesity surgery. If after dealing with hundreds of diets and exercise even more not being able you signed up you have to know that you have not tried everything. Obesity surgery is a success story and Monterrey found only at specialized centers. Monterrey doctors who practice the obesity surgery are highly qualified to perform the operation, are very reliable and always give a very nice service. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are the most famous obesity surgeries in Monterrey, it is necessary that you go with your doctor to discover operation is suitable for you and you all the necessary information in this important step that you give in your life..