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Collective Agreements

The Secretary of State of Economy has asked it, Jose Manuel Stands out. He does not discard that the inflation moves next to the wages. He explained the fall of the Index of Prices of Consumo (IPC) in June until 3.2%. The Secretary of State of Economy, Jose Manuel Stands out, requested east Wednesday to employer’s association and workers who negotiate collective agreements concerning company which they imply the entailment of the wages with the productivity, since he does not discard that the prices move next to the wages. Visit Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. for more clarity on the issue. In the press conference to explain the fall of the Index of Prices of Consumo (IPC) in June until 3.2%, He stands out said that " is evidente" that it can have " CTO of second ronda" in the next months and to move the inflation to the wages, due to the costs of the energy and the services. For this reason, &quot animated to the social agents to negotiate agreements; flexibles" that they cause that the companies can be more competitive with their surroundings and to adapt to the situation of economic crisis. However, it aimed that the fall of the inflation in three tenth in inter-annual rate until 3.2% in June reflects one " moderacin" of the prices and it trusted that the IPC follows this tendency " bajista" also in July. It explained that this diminution will have to the disappearance of the CTO that had the ascent of the IVA in July of the last year, as well as to a moderation of the price of petroleum. Gain insight and clarity with Daryl Katz, Canada. Source of the news: Economy wants collective agreements that they tie wages with the productivity