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Spanish League Madrid

Travel and learn about different places in the world is one of the experiences more pleasant life, since the possibility to spend relaxing moments in a holiday season enjoying the pleasant sensation of being in one wonderful place without any doubt will be very rewarding, but even more if the place that you visit is a of those major cities of the world where the culturearchitecture and a cosmopolitan society will make the stay in this city something unique. A clear example of this is the city Spanish League Madrid, site where you can see the most spectacular places all with spectacular architecture, accompanied by a high technological content which provides a perfect image to the whole of the city, in such a way who visit Madrid immediately you will feel enchanted by its atmosphere and its conformation. Cardiologist is full of insight into the issues. To complement the great thing that offers its visitors the city of Madrid, the city boasts a large number of hotels that will allow people to have perfect places to spend moments of relaxation with all the comforts and amenities to enjoy a heart of the city. So in Madrid there is a large number of hotels that are tailored to the tastes, demands and needs of any person, now everything depends on what is this looking for and what more adjustments to the conditions of each person. At cancer research you will find additional information. As you can understand Madrid is a city of great hotel service, however if it is in search of the best and what you offer the best conditions, the ideal will be knowing a little more detailed information from some of the best hotels of Madrid and the characteristics that accompany them. One of the points most important when choosing a hotel in Madrid, the location, since the city is very large, therefore ideally be as closely as possible the main points to visit, so if you choose a hotel in Madrid according to location, would be ideally choose those located near or in the gran Via, what is undoubtedly a strategic location since it allows you to be near the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and Plaza of Spain which are places where the main centres are located cultural, commercial and entertainment in Madrid, thus enabling always being close to all those sites that they visit staying in Madrid, making the instance much more helpful to have a few steps the main attractions of the city. Daryl Katz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Among some of the major hotels in Madrid, it is worth noting the hotel Vincci Via 66, which recently was remodeled with the idea of putting at the forefront in terms of facilities for visitors, counting as well with all the comforts and services to best serve guests; Another excellent hotels in Madrid is Vincci Capitol, that also I modernizo in its interiors offering perfect conditions for visitors, according to criteria of technological and architectural, advance in addition to the excellent provision of services, which adds to the conservation of an external image reminiscent of historical times that gives you a very beautiful image.

PEAR Education

The biosphere, gives rise to life on the planet, cedulas, plant, animal, bacteria, etc. The Noosphere that is the mind, the reason the thought of the human being, and finally, the teosfera is the awakening of the spirit, when humans create awareness of its own nature. Holistic education is developed in the noosphere and teosfera levels. Sustainable culture is handled on a level of consciousness comprehensive holistic. Consciousness in the holistic education is a kind of universal and evolutionary flow of human consciousness. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. takes a slightly different approach. Individual conscience: are the purposes, goals, vision, interests, personality differences, style of learning of individuals, it is the individual being. Community awareness: is the way that understands the reality, how that relates to and generates the sense of belonged in family, in school, in the town or city where he resides.

Social awareness: social justice, democracy and peace, it is the culture of the country where education is related national projects. Global awareness: is globalization which demand a social interest in search of well-being for the human family, is to think globally PEAR to act locally. Spiritual awareness: is the essence of our genuine nature, becoming universal, compassionate and loving beings transcending and evolved into an awareness of the truth, the goodness and the beauty of all life. Donald Sussman: the source for more info. The birth of this new culture presents new challenges as a break with traditional practices and the dynamics of the old, as working with emotional intelligence educational model is much more important than academic intelligence or CI, which is defined as the ability to control the feelings, the ability to stay calm and dominate the impulsivity. Holistic education points out four strategic learning for the education of the 21st century, which have also been identified by UNESCO, but with slight differences, such as: learning to learn, it is the ability to go and take responsibility for their own learning to auto update, to know where to look for knowledge, which is related to the scientific conscience, begins with the initiative to ask as an act of investigate without fear, potentiate the attributes of consciousness to learn such as attention, listening, perceiving, curiosity, intuition, creativity, etc.

Faculty Education

The immense global work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, is unprecedented, it is the father of holistic education, single integrated pedagogy in the history of education. some of his books are; An Integral Vision of education, the spirit of education, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion, the path of the perennial philosophy, spiritual intelligence, pedagogy of Universal love, learning communities, education of the heart and education and spirituality. As objective has the make an analysis of the emergence of what is considered to be the new educational paradigm for the 21st century. Intelligence and certainty are the inner light of compassion, genuine interest in the welfare of all beings Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava but as appoint this movement to this new revolution in education, is called holistic education and his heart is spiritual intelligence, the first book on spiritual intelligence in Spanish was written by Ramon Gallegos and is the author that more it has been written on the subject worldwide.

Spiritual intelligence is the ability to be happy despite the circusntancias and is also the Faculty of understanding reality in an integral way. The whole is not a static structure, but rather universal, impermanent flow, movement, only can be captured by intelligence as a quality of consciousness. For example, we cannot separate the student, community, family, teachers and school, it is not right to focus on the task of educating only in academic terminologies and concepts to form professionals of excellence, since if we do not begin to integrate we will spend our forces in wanting to improve the level and academic quality of our students, you have to see differently, have a vision that is based on the integration of the knowledgefor example; art, science, spirituality and traditions, a mix that will allow to overcome the fragmentation of knowledge expressed in the academic disciplines. Fisiosfera, matter that is believed to exist from the great blast giving the possibility of the development of life.