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Modern Insulation

Isover – a glass wool of the highest quality, produced from recycled glass, ash, sand and limestone. He is a fibrous insulating material. Beautiful insulating ability isover based on a static air which, in turn, closed fiber, and its thermal conductivity is incomparably small. Due to the unique structure consisting of glass wool, provided the same excellent sound absorption. Sam insulation withstand for many years and even decades of operation, the strain can not be fully retains its insulating properties. Technical characteristics, isover divided into types: isover kl – used in framework structures, with insulation of roofs, different types of floors, as well as in air-conditioned buildings. The material in the package is compressed 2 times of its original volume, thereby improving its transportation and storage.

isover KL-E – also used in thermal insulation of walls and roofs of structures inside the premises, various kinds of floors, as well as in general-insulation of buildings. isover KL-A – is aimed at isolating the types of surfaces which, during operation does not have heavy loads, the application is not limited to various designs of intermediate floors and walls. Isover kl-a successfully established itself as an excellent insulation of floors of all types. isover KT-40 – Twin used in particular for insulating horizontal and inclined elements of all types of buildings (vaulted ceilings, floors and all sorts of overlap), when required, the weight of insulating elements was minimal. Sam isover kt 40-Twin contained in a special package that significantly improves its transportation and storage. After unpacking it completely recovers its original shape and original dimensions. Isover KT-11 is used in constructions where the insulation placed in a specially prepared by lathing, thanks to which it is not exposed to stress.