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Helene Fischer on October 18, 2009 on Antenne Brandenburg Antenne Brandenburg – the channel with the most hits and the best oldies recorded enormous audience figures. No wonder, because the transmitter is the most popular in the area of Brandenburg. Every Friday as Karsten mines ICH moderated the pop charts from 21: 00-22:00. There, the audience by voting decide the placement of their favorite artists. And on Sunday, “Pop Titan” Bernhard Brink presented by 13: 00-15:00 2 hours the Sonntagsvergnugen. Cervical cancers opinions are not widely known. Both programmes are an absolute must for any pop fan. The moderators have wit, charm and provide rich information in the field of music.

On October 14, 2009, the Queen of the German Schlager recording invited Karsten Minnich and Bernhard Brink. But who is the Queen of the German Schlager, who has sung in the hearts of many people? It’s clear – Helene Fischer. Located currently on large promotional tour for their new album “So” as I am. Bernhard Brink asked her many questions in the interview. I’m not too much now anticipate, because ultimately the fans still in the pleasure to come to hear this wonderful interview on October 18, 2009 at the time of 13: 00-15:00. There is in the section “Hear and see” an antenna live stream on.

Player at will, everyone can decide for the Windows Media Player or real. On Monday Helene Fischer will be “just as I am – CD of the week” on Antenne Brandenburg. Sounds simply times purely: touristenfahrten Sonntagsvergnugen from 13: 00-15:00 on Antenne Brandenburg. A very dear thank you to Karsten Minnich and Bernhard Brink, that could be me. And also thanks to the management of Uwe Kanthak and the promoter Sylvia Loben Kanani, which made it possible for me. (C) Dearieon

A Minus For Anna Maria Zimmermann

Many were artists, who this year were amply represented Aussenalster Hamburg 2009 – “The Festival of love” pleasing for all travelers. There were for example Antonia aus Tirol on the “Swabian power truck”, as well as the three newcomers “corner boys” on the truck by Tanja Berling, owner of cult bar “the chute”. Also, Uwe Hubner and Peter Sebastian were further represented. Guest on the NDR 90.3 and the other live stage could one up close, inter alia: Boerney & the Tri tops, the corner jacks, the chaos team with Sasha and Jurgen, Jorg Bausch, Antonia from Tirol, Mary Roos, Randolph Rose experienced Wildecker herzbuben and Tony Marshall. It was not easy hervorzurangen to the single trucks, but where there is a will, is also a way. Fiber Optics is actively involved in the matter. So we met among others Tony Marshall opened with his song – hands to heaven – the Aussenalster. “Tony Marshall”: “I’m happy that I can open this festival of love with my song – hands to heaven -. I am enthusiastic, how many people despite the weather have been published.

Let us hope that it will remain dry”. Then we discovered Antonia from Tirol and hoped us to catch a few words from her and went in their direction, where already waiting for her fans. What we however have not understood, was the fact, as we wanted to interview Antonia aus Tirol shortly before her appearance, we rather than Antonia, Anna Maria Zimmermann met and watched it like this young lady in the area by Antonia aus Tirol (front of the singing stage) their own CD BBs titled Sung after “1000 far dreams Tornero” brought to the man. Ask Anna Maria Zimmermann as we wanted, why she announces BBs all people in Antonia’s field of their own CD and not in her, we saw only that the security wanted to carry out Tianna already, but they took the flight. Unfortunately we could not ask them why she took the trouble, just go to Antonia’s truck level. Antonia’s fans were beside themselves and gave their mustard to. Some fans thought that Anna Maria Zimmermann even disguised himself and doctored as Antonia. Another fan “Martin HEISTER from Nuremberg – 38 years”: “I’ve been to the shooting man in June and there I first 1000 dreams far heard the song Tornero, sung by Antonia from Tirol.

For a walk on the beach, I saw from afar of Jurgen Drews & Antonia from Tirol, I – thought, but as I got closer I had to realize that the young lady rather than Antonia aus Tirol – was Anna Maria Zimmermann. She was dressed like Antonia and gave such as Antonia. It enjoyed in the evening found me then but Antonia from Tirol in the beer King”. Another fan “Angelika Reim from Bielefeld – 42 years:”who but the song “1000 dreams far – by Antonia stole and now even the gall here mad to want to lead us fans, so what is banned.” Despite this incident, we let spoil us all not the mood and celebrated with all euforsich. “Aussenalster a Festival of love”, thank you very much, it gives you and we are all happy at the next meeting. Team press freedom of Andreas Kemp/Anja Anders

Ralph Maria Siegel

His wife? Or his mother? Actually all women in this world can feel addressed. Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?” The German text to Quizas? Quizas? Quizas?”was once written by Ralph Maria Siegel, but no German recording was found in the archives so far. It is somewhat kesser a step faster than the Mambo and the Rumba, a Cha-Cha-Cha. The scratching that emerges at this moment with the feet on the dance floor was phonetically lookalike Cha-Cha-Cha”built into the songs. 30 cycles per Minute. La Paloma “, in the versions by Freddy Quinn or even Hans Albers wanderlust-soaked Seemannsgarn here in an unusual Italian garment inspired by Connie Francis. There are many elements that changed d ‘ Anza, but the rhythms, the bongos and the percussions are based on the original.

Rumba, 28 beats per minute. Kiss me good-bye”. Here Silvio d’ Anza processed an early personal experience, and consequently he chooses to the Blues with melancholy 18 beats per minute. Good morning dear treasure”suggests again a glimpse of d ‘ Anzas privacy. One may envy his wife Aleks in the image that is described here.

So, text and composition are very authentic by Silvio d’ Anza. A cheerful Fox-trot, which beautified the day. 41 strokes per minute. “Lascia l’ultimo ballo per me” (“save the last dance for me”). With 33 beats per minute a faster Cha-Cha-Cha. The original was by the drifters, but the Italian version of the Rokes liked better d ‘ Anza, and Englishmen were! Dame un beso”(” come kiss me mi amor! “) This is a real summer title. Written for people who want to relax a few days, enjoy the warmth, a little flirt, surrender to the music and not remember wishing that every holiday once has an end. It is a merengue and the pictures of Palm trees and beach front come anyone who once spent a holiday in the Dominican Republic, when he hears this song. 68 beats per minutes make for Caribbean heat. Can it be that I love you?” Since met a man and a woman over a decade, appreciate themselves as friends, traveling even together but the spark has not jumped over. Only when she wants to marry someone else, he is totally crazy about her and finally realizes that he loves you. Again witnessed history from the circle in a Jive/Boogie costume with 40 beats per minute. This is the true meaning of life”(‘ C’est le vrais sens de la vie”). A trip to Paris disappointed Silvio d’ Anza. The many tourists with their noise and dirt, to much Chi-Chi and bla-bla frustrate him. In this depressed mood, he hears a chanson by Gilbert Becaud in a Brasserie. He starts to think about the meaning of life. A quickstep with 51 beats per minute. Dime of Adios!” It was d ‘ Anzas huge No. 1 hit in his native Croatia. He therefore had his breakthrough on a big Festival stage with Orchestra and dancers. In this new interpretation for a quick hustle with 34 beats per minute d ‘ Anza moved the venue to Santa Ponsa, in the southwest of the island of Majorca. A beautiful holiday comes to an end. Source: 105music release: 16 October 2009 left: sdanza video:

African Brazilian

Today, she’s back, percussive charged, in 4/4 time with 25 T / M. quando quando quando”is a Samba of African Brazilian origin, which was recorded only in 1959 in the tournament program of the Latin American dances. D ‘ Anza has left the text in the Italian original version. Samba requires a fleet of foot with his 54 beats per minute. According to Wikipedia, the largest Samba Festival outside of Brazil each year in… Coburg in Bavaria took place! The wine is red”is d ‘ Anzas bowing before his famous Croatian compatriot Ivo Robi?, who died almost ten years ago. Bert Kaempfert has this title at the time in the original for Ivo Robi? written, as also strangers in the night”.

“The American cover versions of blue Spanish eyes” and strangers in the night “were mega hits by Al Martino and Frank Sinatra. Recently Cervical cancer sought to clarify these questions. Out of respect for Bert Kaempfert, Silvio d’ Anza has left the title in the original arrangement. The slow foxtrot with 27 beats per minute is a dance style that requires some practice. True Love”by Cole Porter is one of the favorite ballads by d ‘ Anza. But the beautiful long intro to in the film of the upper ten thousand,”Grace Kelly in the arm of Bing Crosby be languishing, wouldn’t be a problem for couples willing to dance. So it cut, tightened the title and came out a beautiful slow Waltz with 28 beats per minute is.

Dance with me in the morning “. The title song of the album, originally sung by Gerhard Wendland. This Tango Silvio d’ Anza has played quite with the thought, something to match the text the present, cooler feel for language but then he left it with his almost touching, old fashioned appearance in the original. 30 cycles per minute. “The Diskofox in good and in bad times” (30 beats per minute) and the Viennese Waltz classic with 60 beats per minute grace, I say thank you “are dedicated to a woman.

Banana Killer Leave Snow In Hamburg Melt

Banana killer snow and below-zero temperatures are a round further at the world’s biggest band contest outside but in the Hamburg logo’s rocked and hot very hot! HardPop never heard? Since you have missed what! The banana killers have combined the House at the Bandcontest “Emergenza” in Hamburg with their original rock compositions with finest four-part song rocked. “Many people came through the winter weather on the last minute or late – the snow had not melted in fact still of the feet, but the banana killers have with their incomparable HardPop” immediately brought the walls in the logo to the quake. Orbis Diagnostics pursues this goal as well. So it was not really surprised that the newcomer band living in Hamburg banana killer with the second most votes at the end of the evening a round further came! The bands were moderated by Melle(Band Angry Pop), as if each would have to get the first place. Peter Bauer (Emergenza) triggered then true storms of enthusiasm with the announcement of the results at the end of the event: THE JANITORS and almost FRIDAY occupied a split 1st place, followed closely by the BANANA killer. 4.

band RAW LIKE FISH came on. Now the rest of the world deserves it, finally the banana killer to hear, see and love – in the next round of the world’s biggest band contest for newcomer bands “Emergenza”! Who wants to experience the banana killer before the next round (in April/May): on February 13, 2010 at the KNUST Hamburg from 21:00 (Get-In: from 20: 00) also at this concert: the Emperor and Paint Me Picasso that funk and rock at its finest! Info: ticket price 6 requests for discounts: directions and w more info: background info: banana killer – innovative, passionate, unique. After the four boys since the founding in 2006 regularly live promoted their latest tracks in the old convent and regularly brought the venerable walls and floors of their boarding school to the quake, confirm, now many enthusiastic listeners, fans and music lovers that these artists will be responsible for absolutely desirable and irresistible concerts. Untamable and loud, like their music, but also deeply melancholic and emotional as their essence, they are determined, the music world with their incomparable HardPop”to keep breathing. Meanwhile, the band in Hamburg is at home to this unique music metropolis with its unusual rock compositions combined with finest four-part singing rock.