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When we are usually very tired we entered a State of greater peace and quiet than usual. This is due to assuage the thoughts and we no longer remember that I problematic manufactured by the mind. We are moving towards the dream. Alcohol and certain drugs (always and when does not activate the body’s pain), make us feel more relaxed, unconcerned and perhaps more full of life for a while. We can begin to sing and dance, by expressing such expressions characteristic of the joy of living since ancient times. To lighten the weight of the mind we can glimpse the joy of being. In a question-answer forum Sam Lesser was the first to reply.

Perhaps this is the reason why talk of spirits. But the price is high: unconsciousness. Rather than rise above thinking we fall beneath him. With a few drinks more go back to the plant Kingdom. The consciousness of the space has nothing to do with mental gaps.

Although the two States have in common the fact of being beyond thought, there is a fundamental difference between the two. In the first, We raise above thought while in the second we fall beneath him. One is the next step in the evolution of human consciousness and the other is a step backwards towards a State which we left millions of years ago.