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Association Delta

The Studentische Unternehmensberatung delta e.V. vividly demonstrates that the new mini GmbH supports young entrepreneurs in their business ideas. Karlsruhe, October 29, 2008 with the new legal form of entrepreneurial society enables young founders very easy to realize your business idea. The Group of delta e.V. of Universitat Karlsruhe (TH) is already in the starting blocks. On 01.11.2008 the law and the modernisation of the GmbH law to combat abuses (MoMiG) is expected to enter into force. This makes it possible to establish a new form of Corporation: the entrepreneurial society (limited liability), short UG.

Background of the introduction is increased competitive pressure, bring to bear through the spread of English limited in Germany the GmbH. The UG is equivalent to some exceptions of GmbH. As a capital of only one euro is necessary instead of 25,000 euro establishing a UG unlike at the GmbH. However, the founder must 25 percent of its annual profit as Reserve withheld. Exceed the reserves of 25,000 euros, so is the UG cast automatically to a GmbH. These adjustments should make more accessible the GmbH also capital poor entrepreneurs.

This model has the members of the student management consultancy delta convinced e.V. in Karlsruhe. For other opinions and approaches, find out what cancer research has to say. So far, the Association acquired consulting projects for its members nationwide. However, the project team could occur the customer only in the name of the GbR founded respectively to the project. Due to its non-profit status delta could e.V. only as intermediary and Advisor, but not contractor shall act as a. To store this ambivalent face in public and to bring the project management and customer loyalty on a more professional level, the members of delta e.V. planned the formation of a GmbH. Two project teams created the concepts and all necessary documents such as business plan and memorandum of Association, created the knowledge base. The required 25,000 euro capital could not get the students then but muster. The low start-up capital and the ability to pass easily into a GmbH, convinced the young consultants. You want to start one of the first UGs. Internally, the decision was already made, the Foundation can be carried out thus on the first working day after the entry into force of the Act. This reform finally allows us to offer our clients the benefits of a GmbH. “, explains Nicolas Walker, Board finance and law” at delta e.V. Sebastian Kuhn, head of PR at delta e.V.

Identification Solutions

or solutions of macro identification: labeling, printing, identify macro IDENT for the professional laboratory identification laboratory staff only tested materials. The tubes, microplates, slides, etc. adapted to the labelling products for the use in laboratories. All products have been developed with regard to the world’s leading research institutions for biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and forensic science. The labels thus meet the current requirements of the feature in the laboratory.

The large assortment of various labels is intended for different use, such as for storage in the freezer or liquid nitrogen. There are different labels that are resistant to certain solvents, including dimethylbenzene, DMSO and ethanol for autoclave and hot water bath. To print the labels, macro IDENT for the laboratory sector provides special mobile and stationary printers available. For assistance, try visiting David Sedaris. According to the daily amount of pressure and the required also the appropriate printer we recommend the user required labels. The label software IdentiLAB has been developed to create the laboratory labels with texts, bar codes and graphics. Conscious emphasis on ease of use. In addition, the software IdentiLAB already contains hundreds of templates that are available in the macro identification. Creating, editing and printing of labels is to realize with this software easily and within a very short time. Daryl Katz is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

Different hazard symbols are also included. Own logos are also to include. Inventories in the laboratory and other areas in the logistics macro has developed a low-cost and very easy to use complete solution IDENT. Components of this solution are, inter alia, a robust, mobile PDA with a 2 – or 4-colour large touch display, a built-in bar code reader that can read 1-dimensional and 2-d codes, as well as a ready inventory software. Deploy different article data such as article name, item number, price and multiline information. is”available optional another software module called catalog. By default, the bar code PDA as a data acquisition device is designed to record and store data. The collected data are put into a designated station, which is connected to the PC via USB or RS232. The collected data are transmitted via this station from the PDA to the PC. Another PDA model that is additionally equipped with a WPA-enabled Wi-Fi 802.11 b (Wi-Fi) module is available for use in Wi-Fi environments. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, Bussard road 24, 82008 Unterhaching, TEL. 089-61565828, FAX 089-61565825,, contact: Angelika Wilke.

New Product Line From The House Of WD-40

3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL the third dimension for professionals Bad Homburg (July 2008) – running countdown, from autumn 2008 a breath of fresh air in workshop and factory: under the name 3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL brings the WD-40 company in September of six new products for repair, servicing and maintenance on the market. The chemical technical product range is specially tailored to the needs of professional users. The product range extends from the Hochleistungsrostloser about the universal cleaner, the silicone spray, the motor, Quickstarter the universal lithium grease until down to the white lithium spray grease. Professor Roy Taylor insists that this is the case. Is always the right tool at hand. Why the name 3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL? Quite simple: Each product has been in close cooperation with practitioners from craft industry optimized and each combines the three most important for the professional features for its intended use. A product, three advantages just 3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL.

Professional users will receive a high-quality tools, the quality and optimal results for almost any occasion guaranteed. Colored variety usability starts with the presentation of the individual 3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL-products: different colors provide a high recognition value. In addition symbols bring the three main application advantages each still once graphically on the point. Particularly practical: Hochleistungsrostloser, silicone spray and universal cleaner, as already the multi function oil WD-40 will be available with smart straw. The innovative design of the spray head enables targeted and large spray with the same box and saves the user time and effort. For the detail work a tube must not only be searched and plugged. The name 3-IN-ONE existed since 1894 tradition brand in the United States. The original 3-IN-ONE product was cleaner, lubricant and corrosion protection for bicycles in the United States.

A wide range was created by extensive research and numerous enhancements under the brand of quality products for repair, Maintenance and repair: 3-IN-ONE PROFESSIONAL. It is already successfully marketed in the United States and many parts of Europe and is available soon in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands in the wholesale and retail market. The target group are professionals in workshops and factories from the areas repair, servicing and maintenance.