Spa Wellness Centre

The coffee zone of Colombia delivered a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from simple and comfortable hotels in the town centre of municipalities, to luxurious countryside hotels on routes connecting the capital with the different localities. Within this range of possibilities the coffee farms and modern hotels in the downtown area of Armenia, in the same way, included cabins that are part of the tourist Inns of Colombia program and are placed in some rural areas of Salento and Filandia. Apart from the landscapes, nature reserves, coffee culture, handicrafts, extreme sports or theme parks, the inhabitants of Quindio have taken advantage of the rise of the interest aroused among tourists of the world to create many plans and activities that occupy at all times your time. In Armenia and in every town in the region there are many possibilities for fun, entertainment and learning, thanks to programmes closely linked to contact of man with nature and the idiosyncrasies of the quindiana community. The condition of being a small territory involves many advantages for the Department of Quindio and its inhabitants since facilitates any traveler arriving in a place as base and from there take a path toward the many tourist alternatives each day and accommodation. Everything depends on the time available to advance the correria and the type of activity to undertake. Quindio has developed a tourism culture from great recognition in the world, with a colorful architecture and special individuals.

The most important tourist feature of Eje Cafetero is the offering of autochthonous hotels of the region, old haciendas and traditional mansions, which have defined traits of originality and beauty, turned into never-before-seen hotels. Lovers of nature, especially peaceful, livable and inviting mountain, and businesses related to agriculture, and agro-industrial sector will find in haciendas and rent of estates in Quindio, comfortable accommodations and the most exclusive gastronomy of the region. In addition, schedules for runs by coffee plantations. Also horse riding and tourist adventures in the surrounding area and nearby towns. If you want adventure, Quindio Department offers different alternatives for coffee farms, near the areas where these activities of Sport adventure such as Canopy, rafting, paragliding, horseback riding, trekking, fishing and kayaking. You can choose fantastic tourist plans eje cafetero where you will find all of these activities and if you prefer to relax and health, you can visit the Township of Santa Rosa de Cabal, with its healthy waters Springs, a Spa Wellness Centre where you can relax and enjoy the sulfur mud, discovering the landscapes of this beautiful town and its Gothic church.

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