Safe Behavior

Winter fishing – beautiful view of leisure. It's romantic, fun for these men and even women. But any human presence on the ice is always fraught with danger, so before you go on the ice will remember the rules that will ensure your safety and save lives. Currently, ice fishing on the aquatic facilities in the country is booming. Fans of this type of recreation every season it becomes more and more. Every year in our country accidents happen on the water and on the ice while fishing. In 2009, drowning 70 people, 25 of them fishermen.

During the fishing can not be punching a lot of holes in a limited area, to gather in large groups. Each angler recommended to carry a rescue tool. Winter Safety Devices: 1. Wooden stick, ice chisel. Necessary to verify the strength of ice, the presence of scours, cracks, mein.

Desirable personally made easy "" of sharpened rebar (about 40 cm + Pen). 2. Rope. It is best to buy a special lightweight, wicker and solid climbing rope with a breaking load of 600-1000 kg, a length of 10-12 meters. 3. Board. In autumn and spring seasons to enhance the support near the hole should be brought to lay the board, 5-8 meters in length, a width of 20 cm increase safety for fishermen on the ice. Personal protection: 1. First – this is common sense. 2. Lifejacket or float suit. 3. ". These are two plastic handles with sharp metal spikes. If the angler fails, then tightly clenched in his hands grip, sticking pins into the ice in front of him, he gradually and without much tension will pull themselves from the .

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