Rest Cooling

Recovery rate of different indicators depends on the duration of stay in the steam room, as well as the nature of the rest. Accelerate the processes of recovery promotes the use of cooling procedures, such as a cool shower. We should not forget about the psychological impact of the sauna. Mood and health depends largely on the method of procedure, organization of visits, interior design, the use of additional impacts. The action of the sauna on the cardiovascular system.

High ambient temperatures will significantly intensify the cardiovascular system. Stay in the steam causes positive changes in cardiac activity, but prolonged exposure can be observed a negative shift (palpitations, dizziness). Investigation of brain showed an increase in cerebral blood flow, increasing the functionality of circulation. Moderate and severely dosage over time and temperature conditions of a procedure performed taking into account the functional state of the human body does not cause any negative changes. After correctly performed procedure, the main indicators of the cardiovascular system are restored after 15-20 minutes of rest. The use of cooling procedures after visiting the pair accelerates the recovery performance of the cardiovascular system. The cooling procedure can be carried out in the form of warm and cool showers, swimming in the pool. It should be remembered that the abrupt cooling procedure in the form of a cold shower and bathing in cold water basin can lead to additional stress on the cardiovascular system, especially in people , physically underdeveloped or have abnormalities in the cardiovascular system.

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