Recruitment Consulting

The problem of selecting the right staff, each company decides on its own, starting with issues related to the issue reports to the broad masses of the newly formed vacancies through recruitment agencies, the Internet or by means media. And ending with the methods by which the head of the firm enjoys the selection of applicants. In this case, absolutely do not care whether it is selection of middle managers, or a selection of domestic staff. None However, they all want to opt for the best. Why, even in the interview, identify which of the candidates – the best, most useful for the company man, and someone – a potential ballast.

Each head of their opinions on this matter. Someone trusts recruitment recruitment agencies doing it professionally, and some prefer to operate in this area alone. Attention is drawn to the potential employers on the following key points when selecting personnel. Even if you simply need a maid, no matter how you declare it, as long as this information had been clearly spelled out the demands that you present to potential bidders. If there are any restrictions, they should be reported on a mandatory basis. Thus, will be cut off is not suitable for the needs of candidates for the vacancy.

To make very first impression of the visitors, should carefully study presented his summary, which should pay particular attention to those items that interest the employer. Based on the summary can also be judged on how what experience has the candidate. Which posts he held the applicant to have been promoting the career ladder, whether to change jobs, if so, how often and for what reason. Need to look carefully at how clearly presented information. If the summary does not contain all the information you need, additional information about a candidate can get through his questioning (for example, if you need a couple to work on household). Only in form, usually along with the items indicated in the summary, adjoin additional questions concerning the position, details of which are important for a company providing employment. The presence of personal car or ability to operate them on the health status of the applicant, for example, etc.

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