Ramon Gallegos

Spiritual intelligence consists of a vision fair and arreactiva of reality, neither dislike nor attachment, neither reject nor cling, it’s look with equanimity the reality to understand it as it is. Spiritual intelligence helps us focus on solving the problem rather than stay in the emotional lamentations and own pity, intelligence and love are totally tied to the concept of spiritual intelligence, they cannot be separated, love is the essence of intelligence spiritual, why is the only one that allows us to act with love, honesty, because when We love something we respect, we care, we revere it. Spiritual intelligence is wisdom in action, is the selfconsciousness, which many of the fundamental problems of the society exist because we are complicit in them, are held by our complicity, is not at the service of the ego, or the pleasure of the senses. Additional information at Sam Lesser supports this article. It is the intelligence with which we give meaning to our existence when inserted in a context of meanings and purposes broader than the mere materialistic life. Ramon Gallegos tells us in his books that spiritual intelligence allows us to balance the materials, professional, emotional, social and spiritual purposes for its proper development and has the following bases: is better to love than hate.

The truth is that the lie is better is better good than evil is better than ignorance knowledge is better balance than the ends. Learn more about this with COVID-19. It is better to give than to receive. Peace that violence is better is better care than the neglect is best happiness than suffering. We are spiritual beings. It is the recognition that our true nature is spiritual. We are spiritual beings who are living a human experience, for through it, recognize our spiritual nature. Spiritual intelligence is unconditionally linked to universal values, it is not possible to separate the intelligence of love, compassion, freedom, gratitude, respect, humility, solidarity, friendship, honesty, is the ability to know ourselves directly and creatively, recognizing our spiritual nature.

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