Ralph Maria Siegel

His wife? Or his mother? Actually all women in this world can feel addressed. Who knows? Who knows? Who knows?” The German text to Quizas? Quizas? Quizas?”was once written by Ralph Maria Siegel, but no German recording was found in the archives so far. It is somewhat kesser a step faster than the Mambo and the Rumba, a Cha-Cha-Cha. The scratching that emerges at this moment with the feet on the dance floor was phonetically lookalike Cha-Cha-Cha”built into the songs. 30 cycles per Minute. La Paloma “, in the versions by Freddy Quinn or even Hans Albers wanderlust-soaked Seemannsgarn here in an unusual Italian garment inspired by Connie Francis. There are many elements that changed d ‘ Anza, but the rhythms, the bongos and the percussions are based on the original.

Rumba, 28 beats per minute. Kiss me good-bye”. Here Silvio d’ Anza processed an early personal experience, and consequently he chooses to the Blues with melancholy 18 beats per minute. Good morning dear treasure”suggests again a glimpse of d ‘ Anzas privacy. One may envy his wife Aleks in the image that is described here.

So, text and composition are very authentic by Silvio d’ Anza. A cheerful Fox-trot, which beautified the day. 41 strokes per minute. “Lascia l’ultimo ballo per me” (“save the last dance for me”). With 33 beats per minute a faster Cha-Cha-Cha. The original was by the drifters, but the Italian version of the Rokes liked better d ‘ Anza, and Englishmen were! Dame un beso”(” come kiss me mi amor! “) This is a real summer title. Written for people who want to relax a few days, enjoy the warmth, a little flirt, surrender to the music and not remember wishing that every holiday once has an end. It is a merengue and the pictures of Palm trees and beach front come anyone who once spent a holiday in the Dominican Republic, when he hears this song. 68 beats per minutes make for Caribbean heat. Can it be that I love you?” Since met a man and a woman over a decade, appreciate themselves as friends, traveling even together but the spark has not jumped over. Only when she wants to marry someone else, he is totally crazy about her and finally realizes that he loves you. Again witnessed history from the circle in a Jive/Boogie costume with 40 beats per minute. This is the true meaning of life”(‘ C’est le vrais sens de la vie”). A trip to Paris disappointed Silvio d’ Anza. The many tourists with their noise and dirt, to much Chi-Chi and bla-bla frustrate him. In this depressed mood, he hears a chanson by Gilbert Becaud in a Brasserie. He starts to think about the meaning of life. A quickstep with 51 beats per minute. Dime of Adios!” It was d ‘ Anzas huge No. 1 hit in his native Croatia. He therefore had his breakthrough on a big Festival stage with Orchestra and dancers. In this new interpretation for a quick hustle with 34 beats per minute d ‘ Anza moved the venue to Santa Ponsa, in the southwest of the island of Majorca. A beautiful holiday comes to an end. Source: 105music release: 16 October 2009 left: sdanza video:

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