Nutcracker Museum

I old House tell you the latest stories from the most beautiful spot of the Ore mountains. Learn the world’s largest Nutcracker in Neuhausen and me Landhotel green court know better! Mean home Neuhausen (Ore mountains) and the Guinness Book of world records has always been my ore Hill understood to make a virtue out of necessity. To do this, they used what there was here the most: wood and authorities. The Nutcracker, was made of wood in the costume of the local miner. Smart Carver skilled Nutcracker body with uniforms of the dreaded nobility. What began as a livelihood and playful social criticism, was an international success – the first superlative of the Nutcracker. The second superlative is very close for me, in the first Nutcracker Museum in Europe in Neuhausen.

The world’s largest Nutcracker measures ten meters and ten centimeters and is immortalized in the Guinness Book of world records since 2010. As land Hotel Green Court I love celebrity – also my neighbors. Therefore, I invite you to a superlative third. The Christmas fairy tale”Nutcracker and mouse King”in the implementation of the ballet”the Nutcracker experience outside the Museum as the largest music box in the world. Every hour, the door opens, and E.T.A.. Hoffmann layers dances on to Tchaikovsky’s music with the Nutcracker against the intrigues of the mouse King.

How would it still not record enough – with this fourth superlative? Scarce five thousand Nutcracker from small to huge crowd Neuhausen. As”the world’s largest Nutcracker collection you find also the entry at that time 4.334 copies in the Guinness Book of records, vintage 2008. Vacation in the Landhotel green Court “and E-bike-tips for your summer in the Ore mountains from my previous chat you know already the resort Neuhausen and my development of the early private property to the serving – and point of sale to the local leisure centre.

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