Now Circulator Instead Fan

Circulator replaced the fan with innovative technology. Rather than as ordinary fans just only noisily into the room air, it uses extremely quiet twin Circulator of a special technique. The special shaping of the rotor blades, as well as the front grille create a vortex of air, which is similar to a column of air. If you would like to know more about Dean Ornish M.D, then click here. The range of this column of air is up to 20 m. So far it has turned fans most directly on the body, has set otherwise no noticeable effect. Add to your understanding with Cardiologist. This is not a good idea but just on hot summer days. The draught on the heated body quickly leads to unpleasant summer sniffles. Quite different in the Segula double Circulator.

To the one he has considerably more power than conventional fans through the two Zirkulatorkopfe and the other one directs it towards a wall or on the ceiling. The special technology of circulation causes that bounces off the air by the wall and moves the air throughout the room. The result is a pleasant breeze. Thanks to the two heads of the circulation can the Segula double Circulator for Rooms up to 120 square metres are used. Because he is particularly run silent, the Circulator also disrupts the night’s sleep. The double Circulator is also ideal for use in the winter. The Circulator is simply placed in the vicinity of the heater and both Zirkulatorkopfe pointed upwards.

This, the warm air is spread much better throughout the room and the thermostat can be placed lower. This saves heating costs! Zakaryan Istepanian marketing of Segula GmbH: we introduced our first pattern to some customers and the response has been impressive. The principle is immediately understandable for everyone. As soon as you see the Circulator in action, any last doubts are eliminated.” The double Circulator will be available from mid May.

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