Natural Remedies To Fight The Common Cold

Children with runny nose can make a "necklace" of garlic cloves. Can be decomposed into the room sliced onions. And then your onion inhalation will last much longer. The same can be done in the prevention of colds and other cold-related diseases. The only "But!" – To use a bow is not always possible, because of its peculiar smell many unpleasant.

Aerosols from the cold: the use and the harm of drugs in aerosols often have a vasoconstrictor effect. After applying the aerosol vessels constrict, swelling subsides and the nose should be cleaned from accumulated mucus. For several hours the person is able to breathe normally. Very tempted to take the drug again Not recommend to get involved in aerosols from the cold, because it has a lot of negative consequences. If you long to enjoy such aerosols can lose the sense of smell, can change the sense of taste. The nasal mucosa can start constantly dry, but these are new problems, new treatment So that the spray – it's an emergency remedy for colds and it can be used only when absolutely unbearable to feel. But no more than once or twice a week. ission. Folk remedies from nasmorkVmesto aerosol can buy a drop of cold-based natural oils.

At a cold well help drop containing fir or eucalyptus oil. These oils have a bactericidal effect, decreases mucus production, easier breathing. As one of the options for treatment cold, it can be inhaled with fir oil. The easiest way – a bowl of boiling water, which added 3-5 drops of oil. Is covered with a towel and breathe the steam. During the cold and need to warm up your nose, it's good shoots edema. You can take a small bag (no bag, you can use pure childish nosovichkom), ignited a major salt in a dry frying pan. Bag of salt put on the nose and Gray. If you do not want to mess with bag, you can warm up your nose boiled egg. No less important during the cold warm and not supercool. Surely many people know that when the cold is useful to hover legs. Besides, you can take warm bath with sea salt, sleep socks, which is put dry gorchitsa.Sredi other folk remedies from the cold – the program; gospel breast with potatoes. Here's how: Boil a large potato in its jacket, cut along, put on his chest several layers of newspaper, then a hot potato, and surrounds the top with something warm. As soon as the potatoes are cooling, take out sheets of newspaper. Warming up will be long, at least 20 minutes. For support the body's immune forces to fight the common cold just need vitamin C. As you know, it's very much in citrus fruits (lemon, orange). Therefore MirSovetov urges to drink tea with lemon (and how can more), recharge. Do not forget about ascorbic acid in the form of pills, it is also a good friend since childhood variant.

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