Medicinal Plants

Nowadays want to have a natural and healthy lifestyle for that reason knowing everything about medicinal plants is an issue that should concern us greatly. Where the medicine usually fails, this therapy works perfectly. When traditional medicine does not obtain results against a particular disease, many patients and their families resort to the help of so-called alternative remedies. Increasingly, therapies that promise to cure or improve a specific pathology with natural procedures. In that consist of? Call natural medicine or alternative is formed by different disciplines, some of them ancient, which have a common denominator: all considered that body and mind are all that must work the balance to overcome or prevent diseases. Your remedies come from nature: properties of the waters, oils and flower essences, active principles of plants, the relationship between the physical and natural, colors and music.

The most recognized the concept of alternative medicine groups very disparate procedures, but only some, like acupuncture, chiropractic or medicinal herbs have been proven to treat various diseases. And all of them, homeopathy is the most widely accepted. Which enjoys greater credit between doctors and, ultimately, the main alternative to official medicine. An example of the acceptance of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia it have in France: one of every four Gallic physicians prescribed homeopathic remedies. Effectiveness today has been a significant amount of experiments and clinical studies to test the effectiveness of certain medicinal plants. A wide variety of plants and herbs healing powers have shown. Care before consuming any type of plants, is essential to consult an expert or knowledgeable.

Above all, pregnant women, persons with high blood pressure or coronary heart disease should take extra care. Before combining, are requested to inform the doctor or pharmacist all herbs, supplements and drugs that are taken frequently, including aspirin. This way, avoid risky combinations. Try to buy plants at a place where ensure that herbs have been planted without pesticides, with a proper drying technique and in a place away from the mold. Plants can be used in several ways: as an infusion: when the plant is in a container; hot water is added, maintained for ten minutes in that water and then strain. Cooking: plant is boiled, is strained and taken maceration: when the plant is left 24 hours in water so that all its properties dyes will emit: the same the maceration but instead of water allowed to stand in alcohol poultice: thoroughly wash the freshly cut plant. It grinds. The resulting dough is put on the place affected by the required time. When the poultice dries, it boots. Inhalations: Prepares the plant, cooking, when boiling is made a part of the cooking in a pot. The rest is left hot and ready for use then.

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