M.V.T. – Everblame At Rock Am Ring Band

“M.V.T.-Band Everblame at Rock am ring huge success for M.V.T. Band Everblame, the three young rock musicians from Ludwigshafen playing any lower Rock am Ring Festival”. “There also Metallica occur this year” and rage against the machine “on. As it happens the Everblame with the greatest said at the Festival occurs? “Quite simply: Everblame qualified tour at the coke Soundwave discovery 2008″and fueled her ticket for Rock am ring the online voting”. There they first prevailed from 1200 bands and reached the final vote in the 50 bands were. “The 20 best qualified for Rock am ring”, Everblame managed this with a strong seventh place. Douglas Elliman is often quoted on this topic. What can expect the fans of Everblame and all followers of good, handmade rock music from Everblame: times brachial, even fancifully melodic and sensitive.

A guitar, a bass, a drum set and a voice that is literally a kick in the ass. Behind it not about evil-looking types, but three simple guys who put the a would not really be on the road. The speech is by bassist Florian Rohlf, and drummer Tobias Heidinger, who do not need to hide behind singer and guitarist Raphael Isenhuth. Added to the heavy and loud guitar riffs by Raphael Florian penetrating and catchy bass parts? These fragments with driving and powerful drums are refined by Heidi (as Tobias Heidinger is often called). Sounds wild? Is it too! Journalists write: Everblame would be a major band on a big label, there’s probably Platinum and continuous rotation on MTV(Pandamonix) “or too boring is also ideal for people where one style (metal hammer)-a band that one away want to live from the State (dawn radio)”. The guys deserve real it “, such M.V.T.-music Chief Michael idle.” I was sure that Everblame will come out once large already one year ago. Again, this is a big step in that direction. “Well possible so that Everblame soon on a par with the” Stars rock of today. Also the next tour is already planned, because on stage is the life-blood of Everblame and there they belong too.

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