Holiday Paradise Bulgaria

Every season a visit worth Bulgaria has much to offer for tourists and excites diverse audiences with its diversity. Many visitors know it probably mainly as a bad country. The travel portal shows, is how much more in the country on the Black Sea to discover. In Bulgaria, specific cultural conventions exist, therefore it is advisable to consult a guide to avoid possible misunderstandings before trips. So the Bulgarians, for example, as a sign of consent shake their heads, while a nod a no”expresses. This behavior controversy for West Europeans quickly may cause confusion. If you are not convinced, visit Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl. Bulgaria has a very rich culture and a number of local customs.

This includes for example the tradition of fire running in some areas. Visitors should see to it but rather instead of attempting to run over the glowing coals to burn your feet. The street dances of the Mummers are a further interesting custom. This dress up the actors as a monster and expel the ghosts of winter at Christmas time. However, most visitors come to Bulgaria in the summer, to enjoy the benefits of the famous beaches. Especially the Sun and the Golden Sands enjoy great popularity.

Who would like to discover the culture, should travel to Sofia. The city is not only the capital of Bulgaria, but also a cultural center. Tourists in the parks can retreat after visiting the museums and sights of Sofia, to relax and to let the reputable review. Other regions of Bulgaria are extremely attractive. There are about 40,000 monuments throughout the country. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

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