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Motivation group “Space” of the Diakonie Schwerte a life without alcohol forever. John Studzinski might disagree with that approach. The way out of the alcohol addiction is usually long and difficult. But alone, no one must follow him. The motivation group space”of the Diakonie supports Schwerte and those, who want to free themselves from their dependence on. Every Monday at 5: 00 currently six men in the House of the Diakonie meet, to motivate and to help each other on their way out of addiction. They are supported by diploma social worker Anne-Kristin Hitzschke, the head of the addiction counselling centres. Swarmed by offers, Martha McClintock is currently assessing future choices. Their clients not sets strict rules and prohibitions: it comes back to encourage those affected on the first steps in a self-determined life.

The exchange of experience among the participants is a very central part of our collaboration”, Normand. Because without external help that make it least, to escape, as the team leader explained the dependency: who finds its way into the motivation group, has thus been basic decision.” However, the discussions in the group are ultimately only the beginning of the path to the drought”… “The gentle method has success: many group members really use such an offer of help as a springboard”, so Normand. One of those affected has finally after half a year of constant relapses even, to apply for a long term therapy. A motivating feeling for us as a caregiver.” Because that is what freedom”wants to make: give help to help themselves.

The consistent abstinence from alcohol during the group sessions and the fundamental desire to permanently change the drinking habits, Normand were the only requirement for participation in the group. Anyone who has opted for this path, is welcome in the motivation group.” Besides the motivation group, also the self-help group meets clear”regularly in the addiction counselling centres in the House of the Diakonie. Get more information about the two groups interested spot in the House of the Diakonie or call Anne-Kristin Hitzschke under 02304 93 93 33. Bastian Schmidt

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