Feng Shui

Confusion also blocks the flow of positive chi. So: 1. Remove from your table all that you do not use constantly, and that you do not need. 2. Clear your closet for storing documents – throw all the papers, you do not need and which you feel useless. 3.

Separately, add up those documents that you need to work – keeping the market creates unnecessary confusion. So did those papers to which you refer is rare. Gain insight and clarity with cancer research. 4. Remove drawers in all acute objects (sharp pencils, scissors, Staple). If your office is a cactus, remove it – plants with needles hurt the spread of positive chi. Personalize your workspace 1.

"Positive" things – it's all that has for you some personal significance. Hang on the wall any painting or photograph that you really like, or put on the table photos of your loved ones. These items cause the positive feelings and, consequently, enhance the positive chi. "Positive" things may also be some kind of art that have some value for you: For example, a vase with your favorite colors or your favorite book. 2. Hang in your frame favorite quote, which will give you extra motivation. Use original and unique citations as they will be important to you. Here are a few options to start: "We need the courage to grow and become who you really are "- this quote, ee Cummings (yes, that's because Cummings preferred to write his name and initials in lower case, at least, as assumed), and so, this quote, ee Cummings is perfect if you're just starting your career or have doubts about the correctness of the chosen path. "To be yourself in a world that struggles to make you someone else means to fight the hardest, and Never stop fighting "- another quote, ee Cummings, which is suitable for all occasions. Remember the words of caution: best is the enemy of the good. Of course, this assertion is debatable, but in feng shui use of too a lot of something one might backfire. For example, you want to move up the career ladder and therefore halts the walls images of water, and nothing more. This is extremely counterproductive, because overabundance of the same type of water scenes in fact only lower the level of your work. Converse is also true: the lack of images of water, or their absence can lead to stress, worry and anxiety. If you have trouble remember these principles of Feng Shui, remember the most important thing: Feng shui – it's a balance and equilibrium.

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