Faculty Education

The immense global work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, is unprecedented, it is the father of holistic education, single integrated pedagogy in the history of education. some of his books are; An Integral Vision of education, the spirit of education, dialogues Holistas, wisdom, love and compassion, the path of the perennial philosophy, spiritual intelligence, pedagogy of Universal love, learning communities, education of the heart and education and spirituality. As objective has the make an analysis of the emergence of what is considered to be the new educational paradigm for the 21st century. Intelligence and certainty are the inner light of compassion, genuine interest in the welfare of all beings Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava but as appoint this movement to this new revolution in education, is called holistic education and his heart is spiritual intelligence, the first book on spiritual intelligence in Spanish was written by Ramon Gallegos and is the author that more it has been written on the subject worldwide.

Spiritual intelligence is the ability to be happy despite the circusntancias and is also the Faculty of understanding reality in an integral way. The whole is not a static structure, but rather universal, impermanent flow, movement, only can be captured by intelligence as a quality of consciousness. For example, we cannot separate the student, community, family, teachers and school, it is not right to focus on the task of educating only in academic terminologies and concepts to form professionals of excellence, since if we do not begin to integrate we will spend our forces in wanting to improve the level and academic quality of our students, you have to see differently, have a vision that is based on the integration of the knowledgefor example; art, science, spirituality and traditions, a mix that will allow to overcome the fragmentation of knowledge expressed in the academic disciplines. Fisiosfera, matter that is believed to exist from the great blast giving the possibility of the development of life.

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