Economic Conversion Energy Rationing

Internalize the environmental variable in the productive processes. Thus, reza in the description of one of the budgetary programs that comes running in this 2007 is ending, the Secretariat of environment and sustainable development, of the Executive Branch federal argentino. This consists in the annex to the Decision administrative distributive analytical budget (D. Dean Ornish M.D often addresses the matter in his writings. a. D. a.

p.), document that is almost unknown, although in recent years is available on the network. Regardless of its low degree of disclosure (a sort of invitation to meet him), quoted, expressed with simplicity, concept encloses a dense significant burden, which reminds us of what they said than the fact the stretch is very long. Without ignore the voices detractoras or minimizadoras, we adhere to the theories of climate change and the petrocolapso, intimately interrelated and planetary scope. Makes us the quoted aphorism, is a suitable starting point, for columbrar the challenges ahead, and we understand that those challenges, entail profound changes to our usual behaviors, which exceed the economic behaviors and make our condition of animals generators of culture. In the dilemma between from solutions from science and technology and which involve a cultural change, without neglecting the instrumental nature of the appropriate or disruptive technologies, we are the complicated and expensive path of the cultural sphere. We believe that we are facing two megaproblems, that even cast a mantle of doubts about the viability of the human adventure on the planet. We will try wherever possible to make few appointments of background or advances that this could happen, because what matters is to share ideas, to see from the borders of the Republic Argentina, current living generations can make some contribution from their respective quotidianity, to reverse or mitigate the cataclysm that is trumpets. Can not be a problem of this magnitude out of struggles by the planetary pre-eminence nor exempt components ideological.

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