Basic Structure

Basic structure of a sales letter. Internet visitors to a website read from top to bottom, so that the sales letter is structured as a series of blocks that are also organized from top to bottom and designed to attract attention from potential customers, to motivate to purchase action. Block header This is the first block of the structure of a sales letter and its main purpose is to draw attention to the prospectus. Is mainly based on a paragraph of text, formatted holder called a font size large enough to be easily read before the first 20 seconds of the visitor opens the page. It may also be combined with a header graphic (graphic or banner) that lies just above the headline text. Usually also contains a subtitle whose main objective is to talk about and increase interest holder of the listing to read the sales letter.Block credentials This second block is to establish the confidence of the company that makes the offer and is composed of several paragraphs of text which shelled the arguments for establishing the credibility of the seller. Block benefits – This is the block information to highlight the benefits for the product, service or offer will have for the prospectus if you perform the action goal of sales letter. Here are the main reasons why the prospect should take action and detailed that you’ll get if you take it. But do not talk about the product or service. Block presentation of a leaflet designed to inform the product, service or resource that is being promoted, highlighting the features and benefits of the same language in a profit for the prospectus. Block testimony This block will be composed of real testimonials from satisfied customers or people who have used the product, service or resource and aims to establish the credibility of the offer being made in the sales letter.Block garantita This section is reserved to communicate to you the security you have with the purchase of the product, service or resource and the aim is to overcome the barrier of mistrust, previously unable to prove, see or touch the product or service, and we’re talking about internet sales or sales through direct marketing: Sales order, catalog sales or television sales promotion. Block call to action to request the prospectus to take a specific action: purchase, subscription, request additional information, phone call, etc.. It is an important bloc for the entire sales letter is intended to be preparing the prospectus to be in the best position to take a positive decision. In her case that such action is the purchase of a product or service, this is the place for the first time tells the listing price of the offer that is being promoted.Block bonuses or royalties If the offer carry additional items as gifts for the duration of a particular promotion, this is the next section, which must go into the sales letter and aims to help the prospect to make a positive decision encouraged by the opportunity to get the promotion gifts. Block summary Specially designed to summarize the benefits of the offer that is being promoted with this sales letter and request to return the prospectus has to take action. This is the set of basic blocks that contain most of the sales letters you can find in the Internet business websites and the order they are placed. However may include other blocks and even change some of these positions: for example the placement of block after block just testimonies header or incorporate an additional block of testimony, including a website to share.

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