Banana Killer Leave Snow In Hamburg Melt

Banana killer snow and below-zero temperatures are a round further at the world’s biggest band contest outside but in the Hamburg logo’s rocked and hot very hot! HardPop never heard? Since you have missed what! The banana killers have combined the House at the Bandcontest “Emergenza” in Hamburg with their original rock compositions with finest four-part song rocked. “Many people came through the winter weather on the last minute or late – the snow had not melted in fact still of the feet, but the banana killers have with their incomparable HardPop” immediately brought the walls in the logo to the quake. Orbis Diagnostics pursues this goal as well. So it was not really surprised that the newcomer band living in Hamburg banana killer with the second most votes at the end of the evening a round further came! The bands were moderated by Melle(Band Angry Pop), as if each would have to get the first place. Peter Bauer (Emergenza) triggered then true storms of enthusiasm with the announcement of the results at the end of the event: THE JANITORS and almost FRIDAY occupied a split 1st place, followed closely by the BANANA killer. 4.

band RAW LIKE FISH came on. Now the rest of the world deserves it, finally the banana killer to hear, see and love – in the next round of the world’s biggest band contest for newcomer bands “Emergenza”! Who wants to experience the banana killer before the next round (in April/May): on February 13, 2010 at the KNUST Hamburg from 21:00 (Get-In: from 20: 00) also at this concert: the Emperor and Paint Me Picasso that funk and rock at its finest! Info: ticket price 6 requests for discounts: directions and w more info: background info: banana killer – innovative, passionate, unique. After the four boys since the founding in 2006 regularly live promoted their latest tracks in the old convent and regularly brought the venerable walls and floors of their boarding school to the quake, confirm, now many enthusiastic listeners, fans and music lovers that these artists will be responsible for absolutely desirable and irresistible concerts. Untamable and loud, like their music, but also deeply melancholic and emotional as their essence, they are determined, the music world with their incomparable HardPop”to keep breathing. Meanwhile, the band in Hamburg is at home to this unique music metropolis with its unusual rock compositions combined with finest four-part singing rock.

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