Also I Am Human

Life is not what people think. It does not depend on triumphs, the defeats, the emotions and things that happen to us. Life is somewhat less complex to explain. We simply live or not. Does do rather than say, Oh, because I have this life?, it would be much better ask Oh, because I am who I am?. We must reflect more the fact of assuming that nothing of what happens to us depends on life itself, but rather from ourselves. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. pursues this goal as well. An I is with I generalized, and sorry for the barbarism. But blame to life, it is only an excuse which does not help to solve the problems really, much less, to confront us with our defects and errors.

If we take as shows a group of a thousand people, we would note that there are some to which is going better than others, and so, does not depend on actual life, because if we start to see well, all these people have a constant, and is that they are alive. The difference this, where some have more problems than others and that rather, has to do with their human condition and staff, as I mentioned before. Some peguntarian then. That happens with those patients, limited and poor born? Well, I would say that there have always been who was born in better or worse conditions, and that with the passage of time, somehow improved or they worsened their things, but his condition of life was not what change, since better or worst, remained alive. Why I can appreciate who made blame all their ills to life. And I quote as an example, because once in my youth and for you to see how wrong I was, I dared to write the following: life is an I host of things, some that I get excited and others that give me hurry, enough dilemma that will not let me contemplate it deeply but rather in a diffuse field takes me by unexplained roads which of my own existence, your my life, you did. That will do me to help me in this sort of life, I will do to love you, if rather is has made me so raw this luck to allow let you see how you are really life, thus, cold, rough and empty and only a few rarely I can Jig in you for everything that my heart sprouts, to make which of any way you look different life.

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