Actor Nomination

The jury of the Golden camera from HoRZU nominated the best German actors and actor (Berlin) has nominated the jury by Europe’s largest weekly TV magazine HoRZU three actresses and actors for their outstanding acting performances in television in 2010. They will compete on February 5, 2011 in the categories of best actress”and best actor” to the Golden camera from HoRZU. The film quietly”Nina Kunzendorf as a police woman who wears hard on its inner conflicts. If there is an alternative to friendly courtesy, Kunzendorf embodies it. Each twist and turn, which is reflected in her face, remains in the memory.

Even if it occasionally almost hurts”, says the jury. “Anna Loos in where plays with father?” the worried daughter. Very rarely it succeeds, that actor can maintain a level of accomplishment with a peak over the years. Exactly succeeded Anna Loos. Already in the last year to the nominees for the Golden camera, again there is no way of you passes them. With an unerring sense she brought back every character to life”, according to the jury about the Nominerung by Anna Loos. Unprotected in the drama”takes over Carolina Vera the role of an illegal immigrant. “” Vera plays the heroine of the invisible “without pathos and an urgency which the viewers can not resist”, says the jury.

in 2005 Herbert Knaup belonged once to the nominees in this category and won. Herbert Knaup shows in Eichmann end”once again, that a good actor can represent everything even a monster in the mask of the Bakhsani”, judging the jury. In the detective series In the face of the Verbrechenes”, Max Riemelt plays the police officer Marek Gorsky. His boyish reflects the excitement without the evil hard to endure would be. Riemelt is ever-present, even if he is watching on the verge”the jury says. And about the nomination by Ulrich Tukur, who as early as 1995 the Golden camera awarded “was: he is an exceptional artist who is not tired to go new ways”. In the “crime scene: as once Lilly” determined Ulrich Tukur as Commissioner Murot he himself has created. Actress Barbara Auer, presenter Marietta Slomka, author and Director Prof. Dr. Heinrich Breloer, comedian Oliver Kalkofe, producer Michael Souvignier, as well as the HoRZU Deputy Editor-in-Chief Julia Brinckman and chief reporter Angela Meyer-Barg joined this year the jury of the Golden camera from HoRZU, chaired by editor-in-Chief Christian Hellmann. The 46th Golden camera from HoRZU ceremony takes place on February 5, 2011 in the Ullstein Hall of the Berlin Publishing House of Axel Springer AG. The Gala chaired by Hape Kerkeling is broadcast live from 20:15 ZDF. In addition to the ZDF, the official partner of the award ceremony are Deutsche Post, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, travertine, Yves Saint Laurent, Apollinaris and Darboven.

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