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Hohner – Give Me Your Heart

“The new single of the Hohner – give me your heart with her current single Schenk me your heart” the chicks take up a new tradition, which increasingly is in Cologne. These couples can engrave their name or initials in a padlock, then connect it to a grid of the Hohenzollern bridge Cologne. As love loyalty oath throw together the key into the Rhine -! “” “After the Government blessing before a registry office”, there are now also so Henning herb maker, and the benediction of the Church before the altar, nor a self-payment blessing so Trinity. “Sagar me your heart”is the first single from the new album of Hales up one high”. “” On the page can love”since today her most beautiful love pledge of allegiance video” upload – true to the motto: shows us that also gives away your heart. ” The three best videos will be awarded. “A video for the single Schenk me your heart” there is also a first, One gets impression under: source: EMI Music of for further information see:

Vanessa Neigert And Silvio D

With 17, it has still dreams, so guests in “Stars & stories” dance with me in the morning with Roland Rube and Vanessa Neigert and Silvio d’ Anza are Ariane Kranz on 29 October: on October 16th the “17 is still dreams” by Vanessa Neigert album. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has much to offer in this field. One of her dreams is already true for them. Because she made it in the first 15 participants of the live shows of the RTL TV show “Germany sucht den SuperStar” and took a good fifth place. Vanessa is highlighted by the competition of the talent show with a special music and style of dress: the 17-year-old loves the German evergreens of the 50s and 60s and petticoats. On the debut album by Vanessa Neigert, one therefore finds songs, which they preferred, and which she has joy.

That are including “Heartbreak not worth it”, “tell me quando, tell me when”, “was only the Bossa Nova”, “I want ‘ a cowboy as a man”. The current album “Dance with me in the morning” by Silvio d’ Anza appeared on October 16. The eponymous title song – 1961 a big hit by Gerhard Wendland – is also the motto of the CD: dance, dance, dance. Because this is a passion that Silvio D’ Anza would like to pass on to his audience. For him, there are “Pure sensuality and harmony”, when a couple in harmony with yourself and the rhythm dances. And so the dance CD of the year, not only suited for use in TV and radio programs, but also in the domestic living rooms, ballrooms and dance schools arose with this album. Because the 16 titles make use of various classic Ballroom dances, which are complemented by the beautiful and harmonious voice of Silvio d’ Anza. (audioway) “Stars & stories” broadcast dates: (powered by radio VHR) or

Christmas Irish Folk

“At Nollaig: dizzy spell launches winter tour through central Germany Leipzig, November 23, 2009 – the folk band dizzy spell goes with their new long program to Nollaig Irish Christmas” from end of November on a mini tour through central Germany. At a total of six concerts in clubs, churches and (puppet) theaters, the trio kidnapped the listeners on the winter Green Island. Muscular biopsy spoke with conviction. With lovingly arranged Christmas carols, dance pieces and stories the band revolves pulls Platinum a Celtic Christmas fantasy, which perhaps could look like: rather than snow, rain falls on a lonely House on the cliffs of Donegal. Smoke rises from the chimney, and penetrates through a sooty window flickering light in the winter night. Inside, grandmother Molly has ignited a turf fire.

Grandfather Seamus tells the story of the grandchildren of the cow that ate the bagpiper. A cosy evening with the typical Irish mixture of moist happy melancholy, oblique humor and of course lots of handmade music. Cast: Juliane Walker Storytelling Kerstin Braun, Kantele, flute, singing vocals, percussion, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, Jan Oakes animal noises vocals, fiddle, guitar, bouzouki dates: Mon 30.11 star of the South 20:00 Fri Dec Leipzig Leipzig puppet Sterntaler 20:00 sat 05.12 Dresden Club passage 20:00 Fri 11th Markkleeberg puppet Rosi lamp 20:00 sat 12.12. Leipzig, Gohlis/Kallenbach Pro 20:00 o’clock so. 20.12. Petrus Church Halle (Saale) 17 h 00 contact person: Jan Oakes dizzy spell press and public relations Louise Otto-Peters-str., 5 06120 Halle (Saale) 27 98 + 49 (0) 345 682 14 19 irischeweihnacht

A Dream Of 1000 And A Sound

Top-DJane Hanna Hansen enchanted Cologne Opera terraces under the motto ‘The Finest of House, Electro & r’n ‘ B’ starts on March 12, 2010 from 22:00 the third edition of the event series “Chocolate Kiss”. With the Cologne Opera terraces close to the Cathedral and the famous 4711 House in the Glockengasse, the makers of their stylish and at the same time popular backdrop party series have remained faithful. For the third event of the successful series, the organizers have brought an internationally renowned DJ Act in the boat. Under the title “Dancefloor Dreams” is top DJ and model Hanna Hansen (Palais Club Cannes, Safari music, Australia) along with Joe Kurta (Kameha suite, Cologne) the Opera Terrace into a dream world of electronic sounds and rousing beats turn in which the visitors for a night are kidnapped. Continue to the “Chocolate Kiss” – true to the name – with the famous chocolate fountain and several thousand squares is sweetened chocolate guests.

A well stocked bar with a wide selection of cocktails and mixed drinks round the event AB. Information about the “Chocolate Kiss” will find all night owls on the Web page. The entrance fee is 10 euros at the box office. The female audience has free entrance until midnight. As a special action, the Organizer 1000 visitors chocolate-Kiss offer the possibility to get a discount of 50% on entry and a free drink. Due to the great interest the organizers ask to appear early in the Opera Terrace all guests. Press contact: Klaus Wockenfoth (marketing) phone 02103 49 24 54 mobile 0157 71 59 41 05

Mireille Mathieu –

Exactly 40 years ago, Mireille had Mathieu with the \”behind the scenes of Paris\” and \”Martin\” their first hits in Germany. Exactly 40 years ago, Mireille had Mathieu with the \”behind the scenes of Paris\” and \”Martin\” their first hits in Germany. 40 years and – plates in Germany alone – over 40 million sold the new album will appear later: \”Close to you\”. Some views have since changed, certain themes in the songs and certain sounds also. Colonscopy does not necessarily agree. Nothing has changed at the gifted voice, the distinctive hairstyle and Mireille Mathieu attitude toward her profession: \”singing is my life, the reason that I breathe and exist. I need it.\” And therefore is an impressive blend of yesterday, today and tomorrow – a new but yet timeless document of an artist who has always remained to be \”close to me\”. After Mireille Mathieu furious comeback on the German market with the album \”in my heart\” in the autumn of 2007 pop and chanson-fans can enjoy again this year on an album of the extra class.

\”Close to you\” appears on 30 October. Since the beginning of October the advance single \”and again tenderness\” in the radio is to hear, whose musical Leichtfussigkeit all Mireille Mathieu fans reminiscent of the time of their greatest successes a timeless and soothing love song with Evergreen character, which enriched the German radio-autumn 2009 several-fold. The second A-side, the pathetic ballad \”Love alive\” presents a musical love letter to love Mireille Mathieu. A hymn to the greatest feeling of all, which since time immemorial has played a central role in surprised songs and plays also in other songs on the album \”Close to you\”: \”Desire is a love letter\”, \”love, you ‘re\”, \”listen well to your heart\”. Opulent arranged ballads like ‘You time’ found in the spectrum of the \”Demoiselle d’ Avignon’ as their place as catchy pop song (\”it was the moment\”,\”My life with you\”) or soft narrative chansons (C ‘ est l’ amour).


ONLY Germany concert in the LANXESS arena on November 28, 2009 on October 31, 2009 Cliff Richard & the shadows captured with your performance of Carmen Nebel show viewers in the storm. Less than ten minutes is sufficient to inspire the audience and the anticipation of the only concert of Germany continues to increase. Full of fun and with obvious rock and roll fun: Cliff Richard and his band rocked like its best times. For the only appearance of Cliff Richard & the shadows in Germany on November 28, 2009 in the LANXESS, still remaining tickets available are arena in Cologne. 50 years after the first Union musicians gifted Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Bruce the Welch and Brian Bennett, they are back! Take advantage of the last opportunity to experience these legends live in Germany! You wrote the year of 1959, when Cliff Richard for the first time with the shadows in the Studio went and performed live. Now, Cliff Richard & the shadows are in the year 2009, so exactly 50 years later, back on tour 20 years after their last concert! Cliff Richard & the shadows dominated Britain’s pop music, as well as many other parts of the world, during the late 1950s and early 1960s years almost completely. Featuring nineteen No. 1 hits, including unforgettable songs such as ‘Living Doll’ or ‘Apache’, they sold millions of their phonograms.

Her performances in the musical film classics ‘The Young Ones’ and ‘Summer Holiday’ also led to a new flood of danceable and catchy hits. MANPADS were Cliff Richard and the shadows your own, each highly successful way. Both were represented regularly in the top 10 the next decades, and not rarely vying for the No. 1! Now, 50 years after the first Union musicians gifted Cliff Richard, Hank Marvin, Bruce the Welch and Brian Bennett, they are back! For the last time, will get the opportunity to experience these legends live in Germany! The LANXESS arena in Cologne provides the perfect backdrop for this unique event on the 28.11.2009. now secure tickets! Tickets from 37.25 euros to 94.75 euros at LANXESS Arena Ticket hotline 0221-8020 in the LANXESS arena ticket shop (Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne) in the Internet and all known ticket agencies.

Foreigner Present

“Foreigner: ‘Can t Slow Down’ Germany 2010 (thk) can’t slow down” (edel records, release date: 26.2.2010) is her new CD and matching foreigner throttle. In accordance with the title of the disc, the strangers come ‘ on Germany tour to introduce the songs of their first Studio Opus live since 1994. Blood test shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “” “The eighth album of the group founded in February 1976 in maintains all the qualities, which foreigner countless international Chartbreaker as I want To Know What Love is”, urgent”or waiting for A Girl Like You” could have created, over 70 million times to sell their Phonograms: the typical wide effective sound including the distinctive, always slightly catchy melodies. Those twelve songs, the guitar-playing hit composer Mick Jones (founding member!) has written together with the ikettes Singer Kelly Hansen commute between grip hard rock and herzerweichender ballad. Live the Anglo-American Sextet applies anyway as a guarantor, the cross ages and tastes excited.

Rock history cast terrific in the present”the Giessener Anzeiger overwrote a foreigner concert of the successful Festival tour in 2009 as an example. The tickets to the Hallenshows in April 2010, which will offer this rock legend along with saga as a special guest (except Frankfurt) cost 40.70 up 49.70 (including fees) and are immediately available at the ticket offices. “FOREIGNER can’t slow down” Germany 2010 special guest: Saga * 15.4 Karlsruhe-Rastatt, Baden Hall * 16.4 Bamberg, jako-arena * 17.4 Hamburg, color line arena * (“Springtime-Rock-Festival” with various acts, from 16: 00, tickets: 45 plus born) 18.4 Frankfurt, Jahrhunderthalle inlet: 19: 00 start: 20: 00 tickets of 40.70 up 49.70 (including fees!) available at ticket offices tour organizer: DMC music marketing, Tel. 089.76 97 25-0 Internet:, press:, Tel. 0821.58 97 93 88/9


“A true story about dedication and compassion of BUDDHA BBs LOST CHILDREN a true story about dedication and compassion book and directed by: Mark Verkerk, production: EMS films, rental: imFilm theatrical release on February 4, 2010 a memorable story in stunning images” AFI FEST (American Film Institute, Los Angeles) after the big hit in the Netherlands, she comes from 4. 2, 2010 in Germany in the cinemas: BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN, the multiple award-winning documentary about the Buddhist monk Phra Khru Bah, in the violence-ravaged golden triangle between Thailand and Myanmar orphans and other ‘ lost children teaches new courage to face life. The only weapons of the former Thai Boxer in the fight against the drug mafia are his faith, his charisma and the martial arts. Through his compassion, through meditation and martial arts exercises the boys at the age of four to sixteen for the first time experienced stability in their lives. Only through the love and devotion of the monk you can confident and optimistic people be. The Dutch director Mark Verkerk portrayed everyday Phra cow of Bahs and its community in overwhelming and at the same time sensitive images.

The strict kind of affection and love, experienced Pan Saen Suk, Boontam and the other boys by the monk, gives them the freedom to be children again. Only in this way, they can go the way into a new life. BUDDHA’S LOST CHILDREN is the intimate portrait of an unusual community of temple and a journey into a hidden world. For the documentation writer and Director Mark Verkerk a year shared life on this island surrounded by misery and violence of the so-called grass-roots Buddhism”. This encounter can enrich our understanding with the special community between the monk and the boys, what children really need to become confident people. An inspiring lesson in devotion and compassion. An Asian proverb says life is an art that needs to be learned.

And precisely the point in the movie to find out how you The basic skills for a successful life gives children. “(Director Mark Verkerk) written and directed by: Mark Verkerk, camera: Rene Heijnen, music: Somtow Sucharitkul, Bernhard Joosten, production: clay Okkerse and Pim van Collem for EMS FILMS in collaboration with Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation, Cineteve, Dutch film funds and ARTE France, country: Netherlands 2006, length: 96 minutes, genre: documentation, language: Thai with German voice-over, rental: imFilm, Inca Milke,, FSK: AB 6 DVD parallel to the theatrical release is the film as a double DVD available.” The extensive bonus material also the second DVD belongs to return to the Golden Horse”. A year after the filming the team returns to the temple and documented, as happened to the monk and his novices. We are pleased about a report. Gladly we send you a view DVD. A DVD giving away cooperation is also possible. The author and Director Mark Verkerk is like ready for an interview. The complete press release, the Trailer and more information, images and clips will find you I’m under press release for questions like available. Press: Ulrike Beckmann communication + concepts Valdivia Street 4, 20257 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 432 74 192 fax: + 49 40 432 74 192 mobile: + 49 173 57 69 287 E-Mail:

Claudia Jung – Secret Signs

The new album by Claudia Jung – secret characters Hitverdachtig: “Secret sign” by Claudia Jung finally has come: on October 23, 2009, the new album by Claudia Jung, with 13 brand new songs on the market comes. In “Secret sign” the mysterious power of love revolves around passion and Affairs, endless longing and signals that tell more than thousand words. Sensitively tells Claudia Jung, who rightly referred to as the Queen of the big ballads, picked, carefully observed and fitted with the melancholy note, which the singer 25 years features stories about the most beautiful thing in the world directly from life. Gastroenterology follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. “The Grande Dame of German Schlager succeeds with her expressive voice again once great, to use all musical facets of atmospheric rhythms up to profound ballads, well and happy as great cinema” referred to can and not only in the ear, but to the heart! My heart never lets you above all”. This first single the new CD describes the loss of big love sensitively and revealed in the complete spectrum of their vocal skills. When I sing ballads, then relive and I durchleide the stories as if they were my own”, Claudia Jung admits. I’m totally the woman who engages on the secrets of love or breaks almost longing for love”.

“You can feel exactly this passion and dedication in every sound in the beautiful love song I lost my heart”. This is certainly the reason why she reached the people again and again with their songs. But disco are also in secret signs”fully at their own expense. The title I damn you love still”excited as fleet dance number in the familiar style of artist. “Also a guaranteed chart topper: Gottergatte ‘ with a chorus which simply no longer walks out of your head and with security talks all female fans from the soul. “A more than successful sequel to the successful single thousand women” from their last Album! Claudia Jung is one of the most successful Schlager singers of our time which has gone their way steadily and consistently.

After all, she celebrates its 25th anniversary next year. More than 20 albums she has now published almost all reached gold or platinum status. In addition she received five times the Golden tuning fork and twice the German music award echo”. Also the renowned Fred-Jay price”for their expressive texts documenting their success. But also as a politician is the charismatic singer with full usage: after her political involvement at the district level she moved 2007 with the free voters in the Landtag of Bavaria. Claudia Jung has a 12 year old daughter and is married to music producer Hans Singer again produced the current album with much empathy and attention to detail. Source: Koch Universal Music for more information see: 25 years CLAUDIA JUNG anniversary tour 2010 – live with band 06.3.2010 SA 80637 Munich Castle 07.3.2010 so 96047 Bamberg Concert Hall 11.3.2010 do 76137 Karlsruhe Konzerthaus 12.3.2010 FR 33129 Delbruck Town Hall 13.3.2010 SA 99084 Erfurt Alte Oper 14.3.2010 so 09111 Chemnitz City Hall 18.3.2010 do 59071 Hamm Maximilian Park 19.3.2010 FR 47051 Duisburg Theatre at the Marie Gate 20.3.2010 SA 66111 Saarbrucken, Congresshalle 21.3.2010 so CH-8002 Zurich Kongresshaus 25.3.2010 do 21682 Stade Stadeum 26.3.2010 FR 27576 Bremerhaven Stadthalle 27.3.2010 SA 38102 Braunschweig, Stadthalle 28.3.2010 so 07545 Gera KUK more info on

Klaus Hoffmann – Spirit – Live In Dusseldorf

The new album of Klaus Hoffmann – spirit – live in Dusseldorf – the test by Holger Sturenburg for over 30 years it is customary that everyone (!) Tour of the Urberliner Chansonniers KLAUS HOFFMANN a live recording, first, is published in the form of a double LP set, following the extinction of the old vinyl as a double CD. This is today being singer/songwriter for good reason, because in the Studio a to time absolutely super, but really he lives only on the stage, he goes to the fullest and are really all that he can only give his loyal audience. After Klaus Hoffmann largely in recent years was on the road with his congenial German interpretation of the most important title of his great Idol and counterpart Jacques Brel, he presented a silver disc with only his own material in the spring of 2008 in turn. \”Spirit\”, after all, a top-30 hit for a musician who never took care of fast paced chart success and just as easily corruptible musical Zeitgeist, is a classic Klaus Hoffmann epic, full of poetry, tenderness, romance, love, thoughtfulness and philosophy, if necessary a little swing / jazz heavy had fallen out, as some earlier. In short: A masterpiece for all fans of real music, for people who take the time to forget everything around for an hour and just only want to listen to, which would place himself in the thoughts, words, wording of the large Berlin singer-songwriter. Shortly after the release of \”Fuel\”, Klaus Hoffmann came, how ever and ever, accompanied by his longtime, currently four-man band – Hawo pale (key), Michael Brandt (git), Peter Keiser (b), Stephan Genze (dr) – extensive tour of Germany. On May 22, 2008, Klaus & combo performed at this concert tour in Dusseldorf; the Cologne WDR4 cut with this great event – Yes, and now is this recording in the form of the double-CD \”Spirit – live in Dusseldorf\” (silent music/Indigo) before available for every dedicated music gourmet. . Additional information is available at gastroenterology.