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The company’s insurance and pension Surne has sponsored the publication of a book which is a complete guide to Alzheimer’s, destined for caregivers and family members of those affected by a degenerative disease that occurs in 6% of the population over 65 years of age and 30% of those over 80. According to this book, in Spain there are more than 800. 000 people sick and worldwide it is estimated that it will occur in 2020 around 24 million affected. Written by Santiago Martin Duarte specialist, Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for with tenderness, is the patient who will explain in first person what is the disease, its causes, diagnosis and treatment. The book deals with the psychological aspect of the relationship with the patient and the care of the caregiver, providing tips and procedures to prevent evils as the strains and stress. It also includes a guide to health resources and a glossary of terms related to the disease and their care.

The approach to this disease and help that represents the workbook for those who live it’s nearby are the main reasons that have led to Surne to sponsor five hundred copies have circulated among its partners with your name. According to its President, Alberto Uriarte, El Alzheimer’s raises important medical and social challenges linked to the ageing of the population, and undergoes an ordeal the family of thousands of affected environment. This book is an important contribution to the daily living with the disease and from Surne pretend that its diffusion reaches our environment. This entity has organized a presentation at the Museum of fine arts of Bilbao, which has counted with the presence of his Excellency. Bilbao Mayor Inaki Azkuna and a large attendance. Santiago Martin Duarte, who entered the book and has answered the questions raised by the public in a conversation open about the disease, participated in the ceremony.


Like illustrative example, on the communications in dreams, we included the experience narrated by a son who wished to communicate with his passed away father. 4341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal. " My father died some years ago already, tapeworm a disease that wise that was mortal, but he it conserved well its head. Like he was a very brave man and whole, frequently we talked on the subject of the death, did not give no fear him. I a day said to him: Papa, if it is possible to you, when estes in further on, sees a day and tell me if it is truth which counts of the existence of another life. He said to me: if it is I will make possible it, you I promise son to it.

After a pair of months murio, was passing the time, but it did not pass anything. To the year approximately, I went to make a visit to its tomb, agreed me of the conversation and I said to him mentally: Papa, why you have not said anything to me. He is that you do not fulfill your promise or is that there is no life after the death? That night soe with him, in my dream was not ill, but it remembered as it when he was young, strong and healthy. One approached to me and it said to me: He is certain everything what you know on the other life, I I confirm it to you. Soon it embraced to me and between tears, despert." When this son finished narrating history, I asked to him: To that his father talked about? , when it said to him: " He is certain everything what you know on the other life, I you confirmo" , obtaining the following answer: " Certain day, due to an accident, I underwent ahogamiento, having a experience near the death, in that experience I had the sensation of which conscience without needing a body exists that the support, and some things more than I cannot describe with palabras".

Swelling Of Feet During Pregnancy

Many women experience swelling in the feet during pregnancy. Depending on the cause, this can be a simple but somewhat awkward condition that will disappear on its own, or he himself may be indicative of a serious underlying disease that requires immediate medical attention. Swelling of the feet and ankles is a condition that can be experienced by anyone, but witty during pregnancy.Swelling during pregnancy often occurs due to edema, a condition resulting from the accumulation of fluid in the female system. Pregnant women require to produce additional blood to help care for your growing baby. But besides that, your uterus grows and expands in size, which increases the pressure in your veins. This slightly slows circulation and as a result, the blood builds up in certain areas and water accumulates in the tissues of the foot.

This water may be delayed at times to be eliminated by the system and while disposed, produces the edemas. In cases of severe swelling may also present facial swelling and in hands, that in the majority of cases, is symptom of preeclampsia, which is a very serious condition that can reduce blood flow to the placenta and therefore can be dangerous for both babies and mothers. Occasional swelling in the feet during pregnancy is not sign of concern since it is a transient condition that appears and disappears throughout the pregnancy. There are home remedies for swelling that can be used without affecting the baby’s health; While it is resting keep feet in height to help drain fluid from them. Being pregnant is no excuse for not eating well or not exercising. Avoid salty foods. Eat more vegetable protein; become more active, exercise helps blood flow more freely.

Your baby will thank also. Drink plenty of water, dehydration can lead to an enema. Finally, you should visit your doctor if swelling and inflammation persist or become painful.