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Patient Care

The taken care of patient, diagnosised clinically and tomographic is dealt with anticoagulants in the three first hours after the beginning the acometimento, has greater possibility to minimize sequelas decurrent of the AVC (9-10). The assistance, carried through through one has equipped to interdisciplinar, provides to a fast adequate diagnosis and treatment. It is in this phase that the professional nurse initiates the evaluation of the customer, diagnosising the factors of risk for iatrogenias, since the moment of the consultation until its hospital treatment. To prevent sequelas typical to the illness and to attempt against themselves for the period of the sick person in the hospital must be understood as a great differential in the process of whitewashing of the patient. The norteadora tool of the care in called many times of Process of Nursing or Systematization of the Assistance of Nursing, in order to become, but efficient nursing and to favor security in the clinical dispensao of emergenciais cares, can be based on scales of neurological evaluation, with motor and sensorial identification of dficits that give indications for the AVC place (11), as well as use of scales in the neurological evaluation of the patient with Vascular Accident Enceflico (BIRD) ischemic of the Nathional Institute of Healt (12), and Scale of Measure of Functional Independence (13-14) if make necessary, to follow the course of the illness and to determine the prognostic, the injunctions of iatrogenias, as well as reabilitadoras. The SAE DIRECTED TO the PATIENTS IN the SECTOR OF EMERGENCY ACOMETIDOS FOR AVC the effectiveness of the registers on the attendance given to the patients in emergenciais situations is an increasing concern in the units of health. The enough information of the data contained in the handbook of patients taken care of in the readyones are of great value for the current treatment and its continuity, and involve aspects of costs benefits, causing a bigger demand of attention on the part of the managers of the health institutions. .

So Paulo

With this declaration we observe a food example as a shelter, a consolation to supply some lack. In this in case that, the concern of a mother who is with an ill son. However the fact that will go interesting in them still more comes ahead, through the following stretch: In return for house, but still very shaken, I did not support the pressure that same I imposed myself to be an efficient professional, mother perfect (…) and pretty and dedicated wife (it looked in the mirror and it saw me tired and fat).

I finished falling in depression. (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, n.283, p.130, set. 2010). We see, in the period in prominence, the desperation of the personage in assuming diverse daily tasks and still, according to social standards of beauty, remaining pretty, lean and pparently sensual. As it did not live deeply this reality, was not capable to deal with the exerted pressure, perhaps for same it, she fell in depression.

It has advanced, we can perceive the fight against the illness when the affirmation is explicit: it was weighing 78 kilos and despaired to emagrecer when I was to stop at the hands of a completely unprepared doctor (…)? (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, N. 283, p.130, set. 2010). We notice thus the wild search for the aid that can lead to the ideal body. The search for the specialist, this in case that the doctor, translates this desperation, what Santaella (2003) calls of ‘ ‘ pulso contempornea’ ‘ for the search of the framing and possible transformation of what it bothers in them. However, we perceive that the search of the reader did not get success only with its force of will; she was necessary to appeal some tactics. The news article in the sample that stops losing weight, especially in this in case that, diverse techniques of manipulation of the surface of the body already cited in this study had been adopted. This is clearly when the personage tells: (…) At the end of the year past, I obtained to give the return superficially. With accompaniment of a endocrinologista, diet, RPG, ioga and aesthetic treatments, beyond therapy, I controlled the anxiety and the depression and reached the 63 kilos in five months (…). (GOOD Magazine FORM, So Paulo, n.283, p.130, set. 2010). It was only possible to conquer the body desired through these techniques of aesthetic improvement. The personage declares with visible satisfaction that ‘ ‘ my wardrobe GG does not exist more? today, use dummy 40?