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I am a Man, as I can ' ' to give one mole' ' of these, ' ' who of the soup pra thief is cook of cadeia' ' as always says Lieutenant-Colonel of the p.m., friend mine, and I, unhappyly, gave soup: – bundo, babaca. Espraguejo the world and me exactly for being imbecile and imcompetent person; espraguejo the thief who, of favour, has all my life in the hands and goes to vender for cinquenta real. Cinquenta real is sacanagem; I imagine it offering. My thoughts do not stop – it took care of itself, I would give a thousand, two a thousand gave to everything that I had in the hour, but you the area rejection.cursed, thief donkey, could ask for the rescue? he could yes, inventories a new crime: sequestration of cellular, but accepted that this will not happen and it goes to only gain cinquentinha of another delinquent. I am less chateado, gargalho only, as a deseperado insane person because I remember that my cellular one has password, therefore of the thief it goes to ferrar itself, does not go to obtain to unblock kkkkkk – Wait, that this? It is thief, goes yes, goes to unblock and to vender my life for real cinquentas mseros indications of depression after panic and mental confusion. He uncontrols absolute.

– That injustice with me, cad my peace? It was even so with the loss of that one cursed cellular. I hate cellular. I stop of speaking alone, but I continue to think:the next one that I will buy will be most vagabond than will have, without photo or access Internet waits, I little took off photo or use the Internet, because I did not buy a vagabond before? Pq I am a babaca, after years of study, still make bobagem….com I hate myself. Ei, was present bludgeon, because of a nastiness of cellular I do not obtain to control my thought and my anger.