The Estresse Of The Couple

It estresse it is defined as: the set of reactions of the organism the aggressions of physical, psychic, infectious order and others, capable of disturbs it to it homostasis, estrio, being that homostasis is the state of balance of the alive organism in relation to its some functions and the chemical composition of its fluids and fabrics, and estrio is defined as: to press or to compress. Therefore the routine is one of the factors that contribute estresse with it, associated to the fellowship lack that if defines as: procedure or conviviality cordial, affectionate, proper of friend, camaraderie, coleguismo through gestures and words. It estresse when it of one it is motivated by the other, one becomes difficult the convivncia the two, therefore always it exists a culprit and a victim. One very becomes difficult to treat such anomaly, in virtue of that the culprit does not admit, blaming the victim and vice versa, carrying the remedy is in the routine in addition, whose it was provoked by some reasons, that are not important. We will have then to find a way or it forms of if breaking the dominant routine, is enough that the couple sees places beautiful of the creation, as for example, the coast or the field, therefore when a pretty landscape is seen, time is not lost to remember the bad things. I want to leave clearly that the estressados ones need privacy, therefore to uncloud the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth and the tato must see, hear, smell, say and catch new and evidently pretty and healthful things or situations.

They are simple things, to put important, as: the man or the woman makes anniversary and when remembered the party he is carried through with the relatives and friends, who bring the cursed previous souvenirs. To sing congratulations he is enough to buy a record or to record a COMPACT DISC for the Internet, therefore he is much more cheap of what fulling the belly of the relatives and friends. When money is had to carry through a party, if it has relatives and friends, when money is not had to full the belly of the relatives and friends, nothing it has yourself. The put calls, as much in the interior as in the coast exist currently, being the cost of the stay, equal or more cheap of what the party. In the truth we speak in a date, to put any day of the week with recess of the activities exerted for the couple, can be usufructed the cited calmness, as example sees in. If it does not have to imagine that the excursions are remedies estresse to alliviate it, therefore as we said, the couple needs privacy the two, or in the maximum with the children. It had to understand that the couples with children, these last ones are part of the relation and they cannot be rejected, therefore they are integrant estresse of it, and deserve to usufruct fellowship of the father and the mother. They say that the dog is optimum friend of the man, has eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tato, recognizing feeds who it and makes affection, leaves of feeding and to make affection in the dog and you will have one fera in its house, therefore it forgives those who does not recognize you, therefore is an animal instinct. Nothing it costs, makes an effort to find a remedy for its relation, therefore the benefit is well lesser of what the cost.

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