The Cure

Those early experiences have been recorded to fire in our mind and our body, even if we have forgotten them. One might think that remembering is a waste of time, but the psychotherapist is there to ensure that effort and that sacrifice a sense, that that work (psychotherapy is always a work, both for the psychotherapist and patient) has a goal and a direction: the cure. Why remember? Elena was long depressed, anxious, irritable. It desvalorizaba much and continuous criticisms directed herself. He had a very contentious relationship with his parents, especially with his mother. He was extremely sensitive to criticism or suggestions that may make him, though I knew they said for their sake, and passionately reacted with verbal violence. Then he blamed for his reaction and loading of reproaches: should respect them and love them more, they were always good, they did everything for her and she always caused them problems and concerns, is a bad daughter and a dodgy. Sometimes, something tells me or something that I say it brings to mind a memory of his childhood.

The parents were extremely strict with discipline, the punished frequently. The father was which imposed punishments, but mother which decided that it should be punished, and she had to wait until the arrival of the father to learn his punishment. Corporal were not too painful, but remember with terror the cries of the father and, even more, the anxious waiting to punishment is decided and implemented. While her friends played she had help at home, and mother all that done seemed wrong, complained of her, he called her clumsy everytime ends of tell me a child memory looks at me with reproach, for what remind you that they passed long ago things?, I am already an adult, what come these old complaints?What is it? When you quit session called his mother and repeats the reproaches of those who spoke.

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