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Each emotion has its own message and intensity. What are the emotions? emotions are system of signals that they give information us that we needed in a while certain to organize our conduct and to orient our actions. Learn more at: Jackie Andrade. Each one of the emotions are signs that help us to prepare to respond to us to different situations. The emotions not simply happen to us, emerge from our interior with an aim, always to communicate something. It is the voice of the emotions the one that it urges to us to listen or to neglect, to stop to us or to advance, to remember or to forget, to change or to remain, to get along or to antagonizar, to motivate or to decay. For that reason when the emotions speak, all my being – body and mind – it responds to the language of the emotions lives, them, from which the emotions come accompanied from changes and reactions in the corporal scope (expression of the face, tone of voice, position of the body, brightness of the eyes, gestures) and in the psychological scope (emotional experience: lack of concentration, irritability, excitability, etc.).

Listening to my emotions Now, kit of the emotional handling is in knowing, like organsmica experience in holistic sense -, how to rightly decode the language of the emotions that emerge from our inner reality, which demand to be conscious of the own inner world, the emotions which we experimented, and to learn to recognize them and to accept them. To read more click here: Donald Sussman. Perhaps sometimes the voice of our emotions stuns to us, crushes to us, it seems to us disagreeable or it is to us threatening, and perhaps the first reaction is to flee from them or hide-and-seek them. Nevertheless, we needed to listen to its messages and to take care of them, to be used to us vivenciar them without judging looking for them the message that try to communicate to us, to learn than they say to us, then, behind its voice is a message that hides an internal reality, an energy flow that it looks for to express a necessity, a life potential. While greater masters in listening to our emotions we develop, major will be our capacity to express them without they oppress nor they make damage to us.

Gain Muscular Mass

Next I present/display some to you ” that to do and that not hacer” in an appropriate technique, so that you can maximize your routine of training of weights and avoid injuries: That To do: 1. Enfcate in training of complete body and includes a variety of exercises for each part of the body so that you can fortify diverse weaves of support from multiple angles. 2. The USA a slower rate and more controlled to feel the muscle. Also enfcate in tightening the muscle.

3. Enfcate in the complete rank of movement before increasing the speed of the movement. It increases the speed of the movement before increasing the selection of load. 4. The USA a scheme of repetitions with pyramid form like doing 12, 10, 8, 6 repetitions to progress your weights of safe way upwards.

5. Exhala when you haul the weight and inhales you lower when it. 6. For 1-2 repetitions to always avoid the muscular fatigue. 7. Cete to mancuernas and the single-sided exercises with troops before progressing to the bars of weights. That Not to do: 1. It avoids to use the impulse to move the weights. 2. Saltarte some dynamic strechings to evaluate any tension in your body. 3. When you realise familiar exercises little first there are a series without load or with a slight weight. 4. To train until you feel a well-known pain little. The ardor of lactic acid is acceptable but the pain is not it. 5. To technically realise challenging exercises at the end of your training. 6. To take your ego to the gymnasium. People are impressed more with your appearance than with how much you can rise. 7. To train when your muscles are very adoloridos and they have not recovered. Light weights and high repetitions are well.

Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture is a Chinese ancestral technique that is used for thousand of years for the lightening of the pain and annoyances brought about by hundreds diseases. This technique perhaps is associated with the Chinese traditional medicine and at the moment it is studied and practiced anywhere in the world by thousands of people. The treatment of acupuncture is based on the insertion of small needles in the acupunturales points. According to the Chinese philosophy, the energy of the life crosses the bodies throughout denominated meridians ” King”. The amount of ” kings” ordinary correspond with the 12 organs. With these points added to those of the extraordinary meridians, it is arrived at a total of 361 acupunturales points.

The practice of acupuncture is one of the nonformal practices of the medicine that have had better acceptance between the patients, like thus also in the medical world. So it is so at the moment the World-wide Organization of the Health recognizes technical acupuncture as sanatoria and encourages to her use and its deep scientific research. All this can be exteeder to a possible application of acupuncture for acufenos. At the moment the WHO has standardized a nomenclature of the acupunturales points that although they do not correspond completely with the Chinese tradition, favor their implementation and study on the part of the western world or of those who are not familiarized with the Eastern philosophies. The amount of professionally registered cases of success like part of clinical tests is really surprising. Although medical science not yet has determined the scientific causes of the sanacin or lightening of the pain, it is considered that acupuncture acts directly on the nervous system stimulating, limiting or controlling the nervous impulses responsible for certain malaises or pains.

In the case of acupuncture and acufenos, acupuncture will be the first recommendation of the doctor after to exhaust all the traditional options. There is a well-known but very effective method little that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read like I personally I managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, you do Click Here.

Perception Results

This desrutinizacin on approval puts the resistance to the change, on the one hand, and generates to please and passion by the new obtained results. Of course, to the previous thing it is possible to be added that to guarantee in addition productivity, him is due to pay attention to the behavior of the equipment of work, to its restlessness, the needs of its members integrate that it, communication, as well as to offer the required support them in order that they can act without generating conflicts, support that goes from motivation, qualification, besides to provide the favorable ergonomic conditions to them, like also to recognize its yields profits, performance. A good productivity is obtained when they are had in addition or defined the rolls and it is had or clareen that the equipment centers their activity. On it Hctor N.Fainstein remembers to us that the equipment can to be well trims in the people. In these equipment the people to the task and the results privilege themselves. They are generally poorer in terms of enriching the productivity and improving the results. Their conductors and members more are worried and occupied by the interpersonal relations that by the other variables.

Equipment trims in the task. The interest of the equipment concentrates in the processes that are realised in the task. The permanent revision of these sometimes equipment prevents the perception of the necessity to contemplate the results and of considering the people. Sometimes in the implementation of the re-engineering of processes a certain tendency is noticed to be unbalanced, privileging the processes on the other incident variables. Equipment trims in the results. The interest of the members of the equipment concentrates in the obtaining of the results. The privilege of the results on the people and the tasks can cause that the equipment obtains high standards of productivity sometimes, but, the major of the times, these results are ephemeral and they become against the process of continuous improvement that is tried to maintain.

If the organizational intention concentrates in the results, forgetting the people and the forms to carry out the task, the results can be reached, but to the cost of a low level of motivation, sensation of not – property, an interpersonal conflicts and in many opportunities a certain individualistic tendency. When this happens, many organizations ” corren” in search of motivation courses, leadership, work in equipment, empowerment etc. In these processes of formation one considers that ” this is very good, very useful, but inapplicable in some companies, ” , clearly showing the contradiction between the absolute privilege of the results on the quality of labor life of the people. What one also takes place in the people who comprise of equipment in which she only considers the results (she tngase present that are certain equipment, for example in crisis situations, in which there is to privilege the results) is a high level of stress. Certain, that the management cannot neglect the operation of the equipment, be watchman in its behavior, activities and define its indices to them of productivity that hopes of them, to offer all the support so that they are obtained.


Like illustrative example, on the communications in dreams, we included the experience narrated by a son who wished to communicate with his passed away father. 4341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal. " My father died some years ago already, tapeworm a disease that wise that was mortal, but he it conserved well its head. Like he was a very brave man and whole, frequently we talked on the subject of the death, did not give no fear him. I a day said to him: Papa, if it is possible to you, when estes in further on, sees a day and tell me if it is truth which counts of the existence of another life. He said to me: if it is I will make possible it, you I promise son to it.

After a pair of months murio, was passing the time, but it did not pass anything. To the year approximately, I went to make a visit to its tomb, agreed me of the conversation and I said to him mentally: Papa, why you have not said anything to me. He is that you do not fulfill your promise or is that there is no life after the death? That night soe with him, in my dream was not ill, but it remembered as it when he was young, strong and healthy. One approached to me and it said to me: He is certain everything what you know on the other life, I I confirm it to you. Soon it embraced to me and between tears, despert." When this son finished narrating history, I asked to him: To that his father talked about? , when it said to him: " He is certain everything what you know on the other life, I you confirmo" , obtaining the following answer: " Certain day, due to an accident, I underwent ahogamiento, having a experience near the death, in that experience I had the sensation of which conscience without needing a body exists that the support, and some things more than I cannot describe with palabras".

North American

At the end of the Seventies, the neoclassic utilitarismo begins to change its concept to near the consumption, with this evolution something called the consumer society of masses is created that tapeworm that to occur due to the continuous use of elements of technological benefits that were prevailed and replacing to objects of smaller benefits, when this happened was formed a typology that it classified to the national societies according to his process of growth it catalogued and them as consumer societies in mass. Later to this a world generalized by well-being was appraised (measured in the availability of material objects), this leads to the fact that their needs were covered, any citizen can have these benefits without inequality turning the abundance into a social canon. The opportunity that has the satisfaction society to own goods the sample like a stuffed being Prospero and entails that it to put its eyes in other objects and activities more excelsas than the materialist high consumption of masses. In the evolution of the society of the consumption extracted concepts of North American social psychology are analyzed, the belief that the fundamental base of the development of the consumption has been the increase of the familiar entrance. Also, also it is indeed desire and the anxiety to improve the life standard which constitutes the solid foundation of 2 the American prosperity. This way, the consumption of masses would be only maintained stimulating in this way the growth of the economy, Katona tried to demonstrate as the consumption went intimately bound to population factors like the education and the customs that formed in the individual like new attitudes and aspirations, as this happened became other psychological factors remarkable but, behavioural and motivational, for Katona the consumption clearly this determining by the forces of the market (income, prices, salaries), also were sent psychological factors (previous reasons and attitudes, experiences, projects), that jointly these tend to conform the conduct of the consumption.