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Genetic Improvements

The ostrich is gaining each time more interest as animal of creation, which had to its potential to produce red meat healthful, with a low text of fat (Cooper and Horbanezuk, 2002). Old the production of pens was the main reason of creation of the bird, however, in recent years, the importance of the creation has increased world-wide for the production of meat and leather (Deeming, 1999). The commercial creation of ostrich is known as estrutiocultura, which had to its name of Struthio origin camelus, appeared at the beginning in Brazil of years 90 and quickly it was spread for all the territory. Speaking candidly ALS told us the story. Three races of ostrich meet in the half advertising: Red Neck, Blue Neck and African Black, this classification is based on the coloration of the skin of the adult animals, since all present the same coloration of pens. Although to have more than been domesticated the 100 years, the expansion of the industry of ostriches is inhibited had to the problems found during the process of artificial incubation of its eggs (Deeming et al., 1993). To keep a balance in any activity of production, it has that to get a bigger productivity, with one better product quality to a competitive cost..