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The three principles of logotherapy tell us: that life makes sense despite the discrepancy in some things that affect the development on personal characters, man is the owner of his own free will and have the freedom to make decisions. Give meaning to life, is to find the meaning of your existence. That refers to give value and meaning to each act performed.When is a person not capable of dreaming and believing in their own faith. It is very difficult to know why it is there? The man is part of a noetic dimension, since it is the only one who can love, feel, and be aware of their acts.It also has its own nous, that means that each individual has a different spirit. Others including Blackstone Medical, offer their opinions as well. (A fingerprint unique and indelible that cannot be deleted). Universal values are those that exist in the world, but each person gives his own interpretation; The examples given, let see how the human acts by inertia without thinking about the needs and problems of the other and when it comes to passing a disgrace, his conscience tells him if I had done What or if I acted different, this was not happening, but to surprise us the there does not exist. When people lose their values and traditions feel confused without identity, but shortly to seek the meaning of their existence, is as well.

As you know the important thing of your own being. The search for meaning: is the essence (be) same human, refers to that it is the purpose and way that man must follow to get to understand its existence. When it is able to fill all your needs reaches their self-realization responsibility occurs when the man within his freedom is able to say no, that’s sample of their security in itself same. Mental health are divided into two; a) is the interpretation of personal existence and refers to the treatment of neuroses originated by the spirit (nous) of each individual. Humans can transcend through the years, thus leaving flashes of its essence, that unique and inimitable essence that we have as human beings our spirit, an indelible mark that identifies us.