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many People know where Karachay-Cherkessia is located, because in those regions are the most famous resorts of the Caucasus. Dombay and Mountaineering, skiing, horse trekking Karachay-Cherkessia – a favorite place active recreation. Muscular dystrophy might disagree with that approach. Especially since in the current turbulent times, is one of the few places where it still run good old Caucasian hospitality, and every tourist feels in the first place – a guest. Of course, from a place very much want to bring something good for the long memory – and yourself and family. First and foremost, it is traditional for the Caucasus and Central Asia, chasing and carving.

However, with the coinage beware: Products local craftsmen, for example, decorated with chased ornamentation pots coated with “a copper” is widely imported. Would be a shame to see afterwards exactly the same in the gift shop of his native city. Despite the fact that Kislovodsk and Pyatigorsk is no longer Karachay-Cherkessia, in the country is full of mineral water (it’s the only place where I saw a real mountain brook, which flows soda directly with bubbles!). So here, too make ceramic mugs, “drinking bowl” for mineral water. This is such a special mug with a long beak, like a teapot. Spout starts from the bottom of the mug, so that from it convenient to drink on the go: no . Such a mug – And just a fun souvenir, and a good gift for an elderly relative: a pleasant and rewarding. In addition, you should pay attention to the ceramic folk art.

Water Park

In the Krasnodar region, on the Azov Sea is a resort Yeysk. Resort on the Azov Sea is interesting for families, especially for families with young children at sea. Healing the Sea of Azov with the known to the whole world Yeisk mud have medicinal properties and can combine rest and treatment. Wonderful beaches, fine sand, friendly sea storms Eyske does not happen, lots of parks and amusement rides, water park, aquarium, dolphin, exciting tours, fishing, plenty of fruit and healthy climate makes the rest of Eyske very attractive and accessible to the general public and allows you to confidently take their rightful place among the top resorts in the Azov and Black Sea in Russia and Ukraine. Swim in the sea can Eyske from late May until late September.

Azov Sea in Yeisk shallow and warms up quickly in summer sea temperature reaches 30 degrees, and in shallow waters in the area Water Park at more and more. In Eyske large selection of resorts and hotels, ranging from modern four-star hotels and finishing options in the private sector. Depending on your preference and opportunities for you offered in a cozy hotel or private guest houses in the immediate vicinity of the sea, the beach is only 100 – 150 meters. Until Yeysk easily accessible, it is connected by direct rail links with Moscow and St. Petersburg. Summer in Yeisk flying a plane from Moscow, has its own airport. Possible to go from Rostov on Don, to him from Yeisk only 180 kilometers. Good road to quickly reach Yeysk by car from Moscow about 1300 km. In choosing where to stay, choose the option of housing among the numerous proposals for hotels, resorts and hotels Yeysk or in the private sector and details of the resort will help you Yeysk photos and details descriptions of resorts and hotels on a map indicating their location.