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Winning the Anxiety ' ' Launching on It all your anxiety, because It has care of vs' ' (I Foot 5:7) Introduction: What you can say concerning the anxiety? At some moment it tried already it? The reasons for the anxiety in its life had been or are justifiable? Has already a plan pra if to exempt of it? In this lesson we will see the points most important on this illness that reaches around 24 million Brazilians, and only 1,7 million have knowledge of that it has the problem, are possible that through this learning for the magazine of the Sunday Biblical School many start to leave to be part of a real and ackward roll. Research carried through for the University of So Paulo (USP) of Ribeiro Preto disclosed that the illness little is known and reaches 13% of the Brazilian population and 1% of the people know or only have knowledge. It is truth that we come across in them at moments that we are surrounded by the displeasures and then we are led to the side of a situation as such. But we cannot forgetting in them of that we have one I assist that human being goes beyond the reason, only Jesus the capable one to ask: Because anxious stays? When making the question It was leading its listeners to be cliente of the affirmation that made in its word of hope, when determining that they looked at for many things that value does not have the same that God of its children: ' ' you are not valid you, of what the irises of the fields, of what passarinhos' ' Jesus was saying: She is not necessary to have anxiety, vocs do not need to have an extreme concern, God this taking care of of vocs. Perhaps check out PIMCO for more information. The fear to lose something that it judges to be of so great importance, the concern with the day of tomorrow, the uncertainty to reach the conquest of its projects, the unreliability ahead of as many threats, the reliable lack in God, the cometimento of imperfections that they are passiveis of the disapproval of others, arisen expectation of that thinks about coming and devastating its welfare; these and other situations are factors that possibly take a person to be in anxieties. . Read more here: cancer research.