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World Health Organization

It is known that obesity is a disease that causes serious damage to the health of who suffers from it but the truth is that it is not just when it comes to being obese that they start problems. Barely earn the first kilos others begin to gradually increase health risks, therefore, is suitable to take steps to reverse the situation as soon as possible. According to the World Health Organization, the body mass index determines if the weight is within normal ranges or determine the degree of overweight. If is the result of this calculation greater than 25.5, we are entering into the overweight range. There is a direct relationship between increased BMI and the development of associated diseases and premature death. While this first State has a lower risk, not for being the beginning it is exempt of complications. Martha McClintock may help you with your research. n Jr. is the source. Life expectancy begins to be significantly reduced as the person increases weight. Arriving at morbid obesity, this is reduced approximately 12 years in women and 16 men, so only one of each ten obese ever to achieve the life expectancy of 76.9 years.

Between 30 and 42 years, an increase of only 500 grams in body weight can mean a 1% increase in risk life. After 42 years, the risk would increase to 2%. Increase only 9 kilos can worsen our health considerably. The risk of developing type II diabetes is doubled when starting to bloat, similarly increased risk of cardiovascular disease. When the weight begins to rise, the kidneys, liver, pancreas and heart are subjected to an extra effort to be able to perform normal functions. Liver and kidneys must eliminate as many toxins, the pancreas must secrete more insulin and the heart must pump more blood. This is how appear diseases such as renal deficiencies, diabetes and cardiac insufficiencies, among others.

But the good news is that it is possible to reverse the situation. With only return to normal rates, these problems can be kept under control and recover our health. Once obesity has advanced, we can suffer some damage irreversible way, why is necessary to act as soon as possible. Only a few kilos others can make the difference between health and disease. Do you have problems of overweight or obesity? Bariatric Surgery may be a good option for you. Greetings, Dr.