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Pique Welcomes Cesc

I’m somewhat nervous, ensures the catalan central on Twitter. Arsenal, meanwhile, says it will not comment on speculation. The English team gives the dorsal 4? the catalan player. The Cesc Fabregas saga seems approaching, this time on a permanent basis, to its conclusion. Once Arsenal not convene international midfielder for his match against Newcastle on Saturday, Gerard Pique, dnsa Center of Barcelona and close friend of Fabregas, has given welcome on Twitter with a message that reads: we already have here.

Hours earlier, Pique had announced that Friday would be a great day and it was somewhat nervous, what makes Intuit that the signing of the captain of the Arsenal by the catalan club will soon materialize. s the case. However, none of the clubs has made official the transfer, which would be pending to realize the method of payment and the variables and that would amount to about 40 million euros. In addition, Arsenal said that he does not want comment on speculation about the possible sale. A spokesman for the London team pointed out that the information in the Spanish media that Fabregas is already the Barcelona player is a mere speculation. Despite the fact that everything seems to indicate that Cesc will not play in the English club this year, the London team has made public the list of dorsals for this season and wins the 4 dorsal? to Arenys midfielder. Source of the news: Pique welcomes Cesc: “Already here”

Basque Deputy Minister

20 Minutes / VIDEO: ATLAS bacteria detection test is negative, but doctors do not rule out Yes be infected since antibiotics can mask the infection Leire Pajin, Minister of health: is a case imported from Germany. You were away in Central Europe and there ate fresh vegetables. Crisis of cucumber: how is e. coli contagious? Microbiological test for the detection of infection by the bacterium e. coli made the guipuzcoano entered the Hospital Donostia in San Sebastian has been negative, although medical officials do not rule out that if it is infected. The affected is a San Sebastian 40 year old male who was traveling in Central Europe (Germany and Czech Republic) a few days ago. The microbiological test result is not decisive, since treatment with antibiotics to which the patient has undergone can mask the infection, as it has occurred in 48% of the 398 cases detected in Europe, as reported by sources the Department of health of the Basque Government. This new evidence will be to try to determine infection.

The victim is a man of some 40 years entered in Donostia Hospital’s emergency room on May 20, after a trip to Germany, a syndrome hemolytic uremic (SHU) produced by a strain of e. coli and was entered in the area of digestive system with an antibiotic treatment. However, his situation was complicated and it was necessary to operate it and removing a part of the colon, after which, the 26th was transferred to the intensive care unit, where it remains today. Many writers such as Dean Ornish M.D offer more in-depth analysis. The Basque Government Yes believes that man of San Sebastian has a very high probability of being the first Spanish infected by the bacterium e. coli, Enterohaemorrhagic, as explained at a press conference the Basque Deputy Minister of health, Jesus Maria Fernandez. 1,200 affected the Deputy Minister explained that the patient, who is unconscious and stable within the seriousness, ate fresh vegetables in Germany and has pointed to the origin of the contamination by the aforementioned bacteria could produce in that country, since all those infected in Europe have the antecedent common having been in Germany and have eaten vegetables there.