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Andres Morales Milohnic

Andres MORALES, from the waist Chilean holistic Lic. MIGUEL FAJARDO KOREA national prize of Mauro Fernandez, COSTA RICA, education 2008 Chilean poetry I’ve always been interested, for that reason, over the years, I have had the happy opportunity to read dozens of perpetrators and establish cultural contact with writers of that nationality, namely: Alberto Baeza Flores, – my urgent search, in 1981 book prologue -as well as Jaime Quezada-with who shared in Bogota-, Javier Sepulveda, Teresa Ruz Hugo Montes, Jaime Serey, Matias Rafide, Alfonso Larrahona, Miriam Bustos Arratia, Juan Duran Lucio, Enrique Margery Pena, or Ana Montrosis. Poetry is the soul of the world salvation to human beings. Douglas Elliman is often quoted on this topic. An exercise integrated to win the universe in each poem thrown into the universe of the spirit. In that sense, every poet who we are reading must leave a footprint, a thrill. In that context, we meet the high poetry of Andres Morales Milohnic (Santiago de Chile, 1962) has been a valuable and rewarding enjoyment. Andres Morales holds a degree in literature. (Source: Douglas Elliman).

Doctor of philosophy and letters. He directs the Codices literary workshop at the University of Chile. He has published seventeen books of poetry from 1982 to date, namely: by strange Andros, Soliloquy of fire, Lazaro always cries, not random, saying exercise, verb, Vice beauty, Vision of the Oracle, breaking eyes, the art of war, scenes from the collapse of West, Requiem, personal anthology, collected poetry, dead memory, demon of nothingness, the edges of the Sybil. Likewise, as cultural diffuser and rigorous academic, has published ten books, both florilegios of literary criticism: poetic anthology of Vicente Huidobro, an angle of the world. Sample of current Latin American poetry. Contemporary Croatian poetry, gathered Anguitologia, Spain: poetic anthology of the Spanish civil war, Altazor in manuscript anthology of poetry and prose of Miguel Arteche, Word and work, essays, fertile province, sample of contemporary Chilean poetry, in the shadow of the poem, essays.

Relationship Tips

Like returning with your ex- fianc2ee? The more thinks about this question, the more confused usually one is. I can understand much that you feel by your ex- fianc2ee, but podras not to return with your ex- ones until knows the methods adapted to recover it. You want to know the methods correct? It reads east complete article, this will help you. Like returning to be together with your ex- fianc2ee? Quick attention to these advice: Advice # 1. Not to spy on your ex- fianc2ee which is doing. Concntrate in which you must do instead of which you are doing.

You do not try to review your social accounts of Facebook, MySpace and other networks. There is no necessity to send messages through Facebook to your ex- fianc2ee. In addition, you do not share poems of rupture, appointments, images through your profile in Facebook. Advice # 2. You must avoid all those things that make you seem desperate. In addition, he is not advisable to extract or abrir to the wounds by means of the search and the rupture poem interchange.

Haslo only if you wish hacerte more damage. Advice # 3. Demustrale that you are a man of truth. You are not as if you had a weak personality and that you cannot be happy without your fianc2ee. Dale to your fianc2ee a time so that it misses and leaving to you asks if you are thinking about her. Advice # 4. Now you must learn to being happy without your ex- fianc2ee. You must understand that you do not have to force your ex- fianc2ee to return next to you. Good, this it is the best moment to improve your mental energy and physical health. nete to classes of yoga and clubs of the laughter. It spends time to your likings. All these things will give the opportunity you to know and to make new friendly. Advice # 5. Until you restore the communication with your ex- fianc2ee. If your friendly invite to you to make things interesting, spends the short while with them. If other women want to go out with you, begins to leave with them. Good, it is necessary to let know them that you have happened recently through a rupture and is not looking for a serious relation now. At this moment, you must be positive, and make the things that do more positive to you. When doing all these things these giving to your ex- fianc2ee some good reasons him to return with you. If you become a positive man and happy, salts with other women, your ex- fianc2ee sentira that loses to somebody special one in its life. And it would begin to think about the relation that it had with you. You are free to share this article with all the people that you know and to those who you think that this information can help him. Then, that delays To return with your ex- express?