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Avoid High Humidity

Little moisture has a beneficial effect on the microclimate of your home, it is useful for skin and houseplants, and some even use in their apartments special moisturizers, especially during the heating season when coming from the battery dry and hot air literally burns the oxygen in the room. Dean Ornish M.D may also support this cause. But what happens when the humidity in the apartment of a surplus and this surplus makes staying in the apartment is not comfortable? Number humidity must be properly balanced because it overabundance can cause unpleasant diseases in both children and adults and just point to the fact that your living space has no natural air flow, simply speaking into the house violated the natural circulation of air flow. Sketchers oftentimes addresses this issue. And what moisture absorbers are used when the repair work in the apartment, such as plastering the walls inside the building such finishing materials such as gypsum plaster Rotband and similar construction mixes from other manufacturers? In fact, after the plaster walls and pouring liquid floor there is an active evaporation of moisture from the surface and the room starts remind the shower. In this case, just say: stop moisture, not enough. First, check how often you have a ventilated room, whether there are at least half an hour to open windows and interior doors. This especially important for apartments in monolithic buildings, new buildings, where windows are installed, are actively finishing work, you or a neighbor is actively filled with self-leveling floor, and the very walls of the building still inconclusive dried. The same advice as relevant in areas with natural moisture content, such as bathrooms.

It is useful also to regularly check toilets for leaks in pipes and on the effectiveness of waterproofing, because any water leakage not only can lead to excess moisture, but also damage and your repair and maintenance neighbors below. One of the most efficient way to fans and electric heaters, but their use is quite energy-intensive and may not be entirely appropriate if your apartment is well heated. Oil radiators and heat well eliminate the moisture and dried quickly plastered walls and floors are flooded, the main thing is not go to extremes. After is absorbing moisture much easier and economical to use. The specialists of the German company Henkel has developed a modern innovative device that effectively eliminates the problem of high humidity with using absorbent pellets in any room. Desiccants Stop-humidity, moisture absorption into the system which includes two high-tech product – the moisture absorbent and absorbent replacement pills. Principle of operation Innovation System Stop humidity is simple – superactive, absorbent crystals, absorbing pills prevent the appearance of condensation, musty smell and dampness, mold fungi, rapidly absorb surplus humidity of the air and convert it into a salt solution, which meets at below capacity dehumidifier. The system of moisture absorption stop humidity acts instantly, giving you a favorable housing and comfortable microclimate.